Look at this stunning, hand painted Lamborghini Gallardo

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Miami’s annual Art Basel event was held last week, and, instead of only featuring some of the most up-and-coming modern artists and their groundbreaking work – its also showcased the work of Alexander Mijares, and the pinnacle of his collection sure got our attention.

Proclaimed as ‘the highlight of his collection’, Mijares showcased this beautiful, unique and (very) striking hand-painted Lamborghini Gallardo. (more…)

LeBron James (also) gets a custom Lamborghini

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It seems to becoming a trend for wealthy, famous Americans to ‘wrap’ their expensive supercars in a way that reflects their current state of mind.

Previously, we reported on Nicki Minaj’s pink Lamborghini Aventador and also rapper Flo Rida’s pink Bugatti in honour of breast cancer awareness month.

And, surprise surprise, yet another celebrity has showcased his expensive sport car in an unusual wrap. Basketball star, Lebron James, has debuted his one of a kind Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. (more…)

Rapper Flo Rida sports pink Veyron in support of Breast Cancer

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It seems that Hollywood rappers really have a thing for supercars and bright colours. And then proceeding to mix their love of fast cars with their love of colour.

A few weeks ago, we reported on Nicki Minaj’s custom, Barbie pink Lamborghini Aventador and now another rapper has joined the bright super car brigade.  (more…)

Car of the week: Ferrari F430 Matte Black

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Ferrari F430 Scuderia Black Matte

I will probably never afford such a beautiful matte black on a Ferrari F430 or actually any other super car, but this lucky bastard in Geneva does.  Spied on the streets this is a Ferrari F430 Scuderia that wears the color, but wait, here is the interesting part. This isn’t a paint job, but an extremely well vinyl wrap. Does the ‘paint treatment’ increase the badass factor? I would say it does, how about you?

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Black Matte Ferrari F430 Scuderia Black Matte

via Autogespot