New BMW 5 Series Clears Brake Intervention Crash Test

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BMW is thinking more seriously about the safety of its cars and the passengers in cases of a collision, hence why they have resorted to anticipatory assistance systems.

BMW 5 Series accident

Once such technology is preventive brake intervention and the German premium automobile manufacturer has successfully crash tested this system on the new 5 series (530d) model in collaboration with DEKRA. The intervention of this technology helps a 64km/h impact reduce to 40km/h as the automobile senses danger and applies automatic brakes not waiting for the driver to respond in such cases. The car’s advanced sensors first sense a probable collision and issue a warning to the driver and then the automatic brakes kick in. This may impress NCAP but what is ironical is that NCAP crash tests cars without applying the brakes.

BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Gets 1013 Miles on a Single Tank

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BMW EfficientDynamics isn’t a mere categorical name to impress the economy craving consumers and it does manage to attain a very high fuel economy with very low emission numbers as reported by famous UK motoring journo Tom Ford.

BMW 320d EfficientDynamics 1

Tom drove a 320d on a full tank from UK to Munich and back and he managed to travel a whopping 1013 miles. Calculate those numbers a little better and you get 68.9 mpg and do not miss out on the fact that Tom also reported CO2 emissions of only 109g/km. Tom did drive carefully but he mentioned that he wasn’t conscious of the economy run factor and there were times when he even bagged 75.9mpg. He was thoroughly impressed by the 320d as he mentioned that the dubbing EfficientDynamics isn’t merely efficient by its name, only.

BMW 5-Series Gets More Orders Than Expected

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2011 BMW 5-series F10 Sedan 1

BMW has done a great job in upgrading their all-new BMW 5 Series model — as a result, according to a Bloomberg report, the maker’s sales forecasts have been exceeded by a long shot. Launched in Europe this past March, the new F10 5-Series is now keeping up the flag for the German manufacturer, which as you know, in 2005 took the premium automaker crown from Mercedes-Benz — and it looks like they’re going to keep it for a while now. According to CEO Norbert Reithofer, BMW plans for “1.3 million unit sales this year”, and the new 5-Series sounds like their best bet against the recession. Don’t you think?

BMW Returns to DTM, Takes on Audi & Mercedes

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2010 BMW M3 GT2

After finding out that BMW is the most valuable automobile manufacturer in the world, we’re now hearing that the German moniker intends to return to DTM for the 2012 season. The return to the German Touring Car Masters is seen as a move to challenge the already competing racing versions of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG and the Audi A4. BMW will have to fulfill the requirements set by ITR in order to compete in the 2012 edition of the racing series that stretches across France, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. DTM is currently raced exclusively by cars manufactured by the premier BMW rivals such as Audi and Mercedes. BMW last participated in the series in 1996.

BMW is the Most Valuable Car Brand in the World

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A Millward Brown survey has rated BMW as the most valuable car brand in the world, valuating it at around $21.82 billion. BMW overtook last year’s winner Toyota, which is now positioned at the second place with an overall estimated worth of $21.77 billion. It is noteworthy that both companies reflected worth was a lot lesser than last year owing to the economic downturn that hampered the global economy.

The biggest losers in this year’s survey were Porsche which was down by 31 percent and Toyota that saw a downfall of 27 percent compared to the estimated value last year. VW rose up in value by 20 percent and Ford also registered a rise of 19 percent. On the other hand, Audi, which self proclaims themselves to be the best premium brand, stood at a disappointing ninth place with an overall value of $3.62 billion.

BMW, Audi Ad Campaign WAR Heats Up in Hong Kong

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BMW and Audi, the two German premium brands have their daggers drawn at each other and no one is in the mood to spare the other. The already popular ad campaign war between the two has now headed to Hong Kong where BMW is a tiny bit ahead after buying a huge ad space — where they display the new BMW 5-series — directly above the Audi showroom in Hong Kong.

BMW billboard over Audi

And from what we can tell, this board effectively displaces the Audi dealership from viewing. Those following this battle closely will remember the two premium German brands competing with billboard adverts in the US, too, in California. Considering the ongoing battle, this sure is an impressive move by BMW while Audi needs to figure out the source that gave BMW the ad space. We wonder what will be their next step.

BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo Inspired ‘The Dwelling Lab’ Sculpture

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BMW 5 Series GT sculpture 1

We are sure used to admiring the bimmers but this time around there is a different task at hand. We’ll be more inclined towards admiring ‘The Dwelling Lab’ which is a BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo inspired sculpture showcased during Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. The Sculpture aspires to make the people focus on the interior of the car first rather than the exterior as we do under normal circumstances. It is formed of five conical geometric shapes that jut out to invite the onlookers. The sculpture is sponsored by BMW, along with Danish textile specialists Kvadrat and Italian lighting firm Flos. Spanish architectural designer Patricia Urquiola and Italian designer Giulio Ridolfo have together finished this mammoth sculpture which aims to render a dwelling experience.

BMW M5 vs Audi S6 vs Mercedes E63 AMG

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Not sure what to buy between the BMW M5, the Audi S6 or the Mercedes E63 AMG? Here’s something that may help you decide. I’d go for the E63 to be honest … how about you guys?