Fernando Alonso to Ditch F1 if Rules Apply

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fernando alonso Fernando Alonso to Ditch F1 if Rules Apply

Two time world F1 champion is mulling over calling it a day by 2010 if the F1 authorities and Bernie and his gang bring in the rule of standardizing engines. While one might be wondering why Alonso is taking such a harsh stand on the issue, it is understandable when you think of the sport as a race between teams and not just the test of individual drivers. The F1 bosses have in recent times pulled back car development in the sport by reverting back to V8s from V10s and even standardizing the car tyre manufacturer. The proposal is to do the same with engine and if that happens, it will not just be Alonso but even teams like Ferrari that could disappear from the grid.

Kimi Raikkonen wins championship

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Brazil 004 Kimi Raikkonen wins championship

Kimi Raikkonen has become the 2007 Formula One World Champion. In a hectic race where each of the top three could have won it, it was Raikkonen who led his team mate over the finish line to win his first Brazilian race and his first world champion. After so many close attempts, Kimi is a worthy champion, and after his convincing display today around Autodromo Carlos Pace, McLaren will be kicking themselves for letting it slip away. From the first lap, it looked as though Ferrari would dominate, but what happened over the course of the Grand Prix wasn’t what was expected. (more…)

Alonso going back to Renault!?

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alonso haircut Alonso going back to Renault!?

It is being reported that Alonso will be leaving the Mclaren Mercedes team at the end of this season or after the GP in Brazil, to join his old team – Renault.

The German newspaper, Bild, reports that his unhappiness and conflict with his teammate are some of the reasons he decided to return to Flavio Briatore. I guess this should end the rumor that Alonso will join the Ferrari team, as some have reported. Whatever the outcome of this is, the most important thing will be decided in Brazil, where Alonso is trailing 4 points behind Hamilton for the Championship.

F1 – Kimi wins – Championship decision in Brazil

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573538 1016154 3543 2371 hochzwei 225842 small thumbnail F1   Kimi wins   Championship decision in Brazil

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Fernando Alonso finished the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai in second place. Whilst his team mate Lewis Hamilton retired, when he went off and got stuck in the gravel with worn wet tyres on a drying track. Kimi Räikkönen took victory, so the championship will now be decided among those three at the final race in Sao Paulo in two weeks’ time. After 56 laps in changeable conditions, 305.066 km and a total race time of 1:37:58.395 hrs, Fernando came home 9.8sec behind Räikkönen’s Ferrari. Despite his first retirement in 16 Grands Prix, Lewis maintained his lead in the Drivers’ Championship after 16 out of 17 races with 107 points followed by Fernando in second position with 103 points; Räikkönen is third on 100 points with 10 points available in the remaining race. For the first time since 1986, there are three drivers to fight for the title in the final race. (more…)

McLaren team members under active criminal investigation

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McLaren pit aw%20%28420%20x%20276%29 McLaren team members under active criminal investigation

Italian law enforcement authorities paid an unannounced visit to the McLaren pits on Saturday, as the team prepared for the Italian Grand Prix the following day. They informed McLaren team manager Ron Dennis that he was under investigation and also informed six other members of the McLaren team that they were being investigated. The investigation centers on Team McLaren’s possession of 780 pages of confidential documents stolen from Ferrari. (more…)

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Istanbul

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547435 965465 3543 2467 hochzwei 217196 thumbnail Formula 1 Grand Prix in Istanbul

This was another great F1 race on Sunday, unfortunately not a good outcome for the Mclaren team, finishing on third and fifth place. The Scuderia team took places one and two right at the beginning and never really looked back at the trailing Hamilton, which ended up on fifth place after an incident with his tire, but fortunately Alonso was able to capture that last podium place with a bit of skill and a lot of luck.

The start: For the fifth time this year, Lewis and Fernando had qualified second and fourth respectively. At the start, Lewis dropped to third behind the Ferraris of Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen whilst Fernando was sixth at the end of the opening lap.

The race: Fernando got stuck behind Nick Heidfeld (BMW Sauber). When Heidfeld’s team mate Robert Kubica pitted on lap 12 Fernando improved to fifth. On lap 17, also Heidfeld came in and Fernando was fourth.

Fernando made his first routine stop on lap 18 (9.1sec) together with Räikkönen, whilst Massa came in on lap 19 and Lewis on lap 20 (9.4sec). After that, Massa went back into the lead ahead of Räikkönen and Lewis; Fernando passed both BMW Saubers during his pitstop and was fourth.

Feud between Alonso and Hamilton?!

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alonso lewis Feud between Alonso and Hamilton?!
It is being reported that Alonso and Hamilton are in some kind of a feud, after a couple incidents that caused, the already bitter rivals, to stop talking to each other. No doubt that it was not just the work of yesterday’s incident, but a long standing problem between Alonso and Hamilton. What yesterday and on Saturday happened was very childish and irresponsible by both of the Mclaren Mercedes drivers. In Saturday’s qualifying, Alonso was found guilty of blocking or hindering Hamilton in the pit lane from doing another run at Alonso’s best time. Alonso was thereafter penalized for his actions and pushed back to the sixth starting position, losing his pole position he actually qualified for.

Hamilton has said that he respects Alonso, but it seems to him that after the race in Hungary, Alonso has stopped talking to him.

Another potential reason for Alonso’s frustration is that he has not been guaranteed the number 1 title in the Mclaren team, thanks to Ron Dennis’ principal of equality.

The rumors are that Alonso may leave the Mclaren team and go back to his daddy – Flavio. I think he is just a sore loser and can’t handle the fact that a newcomer and his teammate may take his title away.