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2 Ferrari Enzo’s and an Empty Airstrip…

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What do you do when you have two, stunning Ferrari Enzo’s and an empty airstrip?

You drag race them of course!

The video below features two Ferrari Enzo’s, one black and one red, taking part in a drag race at the Royal Air Force Base. Many people argue that the Enzo is one the best Ferrari’s ever built – so this challenge sure is exciting!

Check out the video below to witness (and hear) the roaring Ferrari’s!

Source: Carbuzz

Porsche Celebrates 5 million Facebook Fans

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Five million fans on Facebook is definitely cause to celebrate – and that is exactly what Porsche did.

They have just unveiled a special 911 Carrera 4S which was designed with crowd-sourced input. It is Porsche’s special way of thanking their Facebook fans, and boy were they pleased! (more…)

Semi-Truck goes Airborne and Explodes!

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exploding truck

This might seem like a scene out of a Fast and Furious movie, or some kind of weird internet prank.

However, this video of a semi-truck losing control on a highway in Indianapolis, then going airborne and then subsequently exploding into a huge ball of flames, is the real deal.

Some other man and a passenger was driving peacefully (and, luckily for us, filming their drive) when suddenly the huge truck came rushing across the highway and crash-landed in a way that made it look like it was part of a movie!

Fortunately, the driver of the truck and his 7-year old son escaped the runaway truck before it went airborne and exploded and each only had a few minor scratches. They can thank their lucky stars!

Check out the video below and witness this unbelievable crash:

Source: CNN

Man prints his own Aston Martin…

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Aston Martin DB4

Ivan Sentch is a software engineer and, by using a 3D printer, he has printed a 1961 Aston Martin DB4.

Sound crazy? It kind of is. Snetch uses different plastics to print the mold for the car, after which he will create a fiberglass exterior for his “vintage” car.

The best part is, the cost for the plastics he has used so far has been a meager $2000. At an auction or collector’s showroom, a DB4 can fetch over $1 million. The idea of 3D printing cars and creating replica’s has completely changed the way in which people can re-create or replicate famous cars.

Gallery: The printed Aston Martin -

Using an uncomplicated, consumer-level 3D printer, people all over the world can easily, and cheaply create these replicas in their own garages.

Although Snetch’s Aston Martin is not complete yet, he estimates that it will take round about another 5 years to completely finish the job – and by this he means that his Aston Martin will be ready to hit the road!

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for this one!

Source: Carbuzz

Man Unknowingly Buys Famous Bond Car for $100

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Lotus Esprit

If you think you have heard some amazing stories about luck, then this one will definitely top your list.

In 1989, a man from Long Island, New York, paid $100 for a storage unit. Unbeknownst to him, he had just purchased the world famous, Lotus Espirit from James Bond. (more…)

Tour de France winner’s Sexy Jaguar

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Chris Froome's Jaguar

If winning the grueling Tour de France wasn’t enough, this year’s winner, African-born Chris Froome, has received a (very) nice congratulatory gift from Jaguar.

The man that took on France and conquered has been giving a brand new bespoke Jaguar F-type from the UK-based company for enduring and eventually winning the 2013 Tour de France. (more…)

Chris Harris in a Jaguar C-Type

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Check out this video of Chris Harris showing us his experience of driving in a phenomenal Jaguar C-Type.

This 60-year old car is still used regularly for racing and is a true beauty when it comes to classic cars.

And, as usual, Chris is informative AND entertaining.

Super Supercar Sounds

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If you like the sound a supercar makes just as much as the actual car, then this video is for you!

Posted by Supercars of London, this video compilation features several different super cars and their unique sounds. A proper show reel of performance and sound and something that will definitely get your engines roaring!

So, do you have a favourite supercar AND a favourite super sound?