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Vredestein: Winter vs Summer Tyres

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Vredestein Winter vs Summer

As we have reported before, Vredestein has an exceptional line of tires that are now (finally) available in South Africa. Not only are they beautifully designed, but, as their slogan reads, they are also ‘designed to protect you’.

This is why they have developed tyres for any weather condition. Whether it’s summer or winter – they have a set perfect for you and the conditions you will have to face seasonally.

Temperature, rain, wind and speed are all factors that come into play when driving. Thus, it should be obvious that one would need different tyres for the different seasons, because the conditions are sometimes almost extremes.

Check ou this video below to see exactly how Vredestein’s winter tires compare to their summer one’s – and then you can go and get yourself a summer set, while we are still in spring!

Vredestein Tyres now available in South Africa

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Vredestein Tyres

This might make your Friday even better; One of the Europe’s leading performance tyre brands, Vredestein, is now available in South Africa.

The Dutch-engineered elite tyres are manufactured in Enschede in The Netherlands by Apollo Vredestein.

The company not only manufactures normal, passenger tyres, but have have an exceptionally wide selection including light truck, SUV, industrial and even agricultural tyres. So, really – which ever situation you’re in, you’ll find the right fit!

Vredestein, which was officially founded more than 100 years ago in 1909, prodes themselves on designing and manufacturing superior quality, and above all, safe tyres. (more…)

Pixar Motorama 2013

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Imagine working for animation company, Pixar.

Not only would you get to design and animate the craziest, funnest movies around – you will also be allowed to be part of Pixar’s Motorama; a car show held exclusively for Pixar employees.

Pixar’s Motorama has been going on for the past 12 years. Here at Motorama, the animators, who have pretty sweet rides themselves, bring their cars to show off as well as seeing exhibitions by Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati. (more…)

First Look Video: The BMW i8

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BMW i8

At last! We have seen, heard and have been bombarded with images and video’s of the BMW i3 lately, that we almost forgot that it’s brother, the i8, is also being revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show. (more…)

A Serious Tuning Battle: Honda Civic vs Chevy Corvette

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It’s always fun to see two cars go head to head in battle. Whether it’s a drag race, a endurance race or power battle – cars showing off against each other get’s us revving.

But, when tuned cars are pitted against one another, it becomes a different story – and all the more an exciting story!

In this delightful video we came across, a tuning battle of epic portions is taking place. In this battle of tuned-one’s, a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 goes up against a (heavily tuned) Honda Civic. (more…)

BMW i3 Shows Off in Frankfurt

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BMW i3

More than a month ago we reported on BMW’s green, electric concept car, the i3.

Now, finally, the day has arrived that we get to show you real life photographs of the car, as it was shown off at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The i3 marks a break through for the German car manufacturer, as it is their first electric car. It is estimated that the i3 will be able to travel approximately 80 – 100 miles, or 130 – 160km on electric power, before it would need a recharge.

The i3 is also a leader in innovative, ‘green’ car manufacturing. Most of its oddly shaped body is composed of lightweight composite materials. These include reinforced carbon fiber plastic, while the i3′s chassis is composed of aluminum and magnesium. It is the first mass-produced car with such attributes.

So, without further a do, here is the all new, 2014 BMW i3 – ready for action:

Source: Motor Authority

Renault Clio vs Ford Fiesta

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Ford vs Renault

Chris Harris is back, and this time he is taking a Renault Clio RS 200 EDC against a Ford Fiesta ST.

Both of these cars are rather small in size, but I’m betting they’ve got big personality! You know what they say, dynamite comes in small packages…

You can check out the video below – and, as always, Mr. Harris is entertaining and charming and knows what he’s talking about!

Which one would you prefer? The Renault or the Ford? It’s a tough one for me…


Mercedes Unveils new S-Class Coupe

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With the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show underway, Mercedes-Benz took the stage to unveil their latest S-Class Coupe concept – and man, does it look good!

The new S-Class is expected to replace the existing CL Coupe. Although there are some similarities between the new concept and the existing one, Mercedes has made sure that the new Coupe is something you would want to want.

The S-Class Coupe Concept is expected to go on sale in the United States in 2015. (more…)