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Chris Harris on Cars: The Porsche 918 Spyder

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The main man of all things cars, Chris Harris, is at the envy of us all once again. He recently got to test drive (and really drive, if you catch my drift) a Porsche 918 Spyder.

This hyper car produces a mammoth 608 horsepower and the engine alone weighs 140kg. Needless to say, this car is a beast.

So enough of the talking, lets get down to it. Check out the (typically Chris) video below. Enjoy!

2015 Lexus RC F revealed

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Woah, Lexus. This is quite the stunner.

Ahead of it’s official debut in Detroit in a couple of days, Lexus has enticed us with some of the details (and some cool photos) of the al l new, all impressive, 2015 Lexus RC F. And we’re well impressed.

The RC F is one mother of a 5.o liter, V8 powered coupe. Of course, sitting in the same category as Lexus’ new baby, is BMW’s M4. And we’re pretty sure that they almost fell off their seats when they saw these pics.

The RC F will have way over 450 horsepower and promises to be a stunner on the road.

Lexus has rightly dubbed their latest creation as “functional beauty” – damn straight.

Check out some of the pics below as well as the introductory video: (more…)

Top Gear’s Top 10 Concept Cars of 2013

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2013 has come and gone, and with the passing of another year, so comes the inevitable lists. Whether its the best new apps on the market or favorite celebrity hairstyles, people tend to (really) like making lists about things at the end of a year.

And it’s not any different in the auto industry. Of course, if there is one player in the auto scene that is know for making lists and ranking cars, it’s Top Gear. And here they have done it again, ranking their Top 10 Concept Cars of 2013:  (more…)

Short film ad for the Porsche Panamera combines fire and ice

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If there is one way to ensure you get the most out of your marketing budget, it is to have a competition involved somewhere, somehow. And that is exactly what Porsche did for their new Panamera.

In an effort to produce a sleek, beautiful and highly creative advertisement, Porsche invited ten filmmakers to produce a short film for the Panamera that would serve as its commercial.

The tagline read: “Thrilling Contradictions”, which meant these ten filmmakers had to come up with a film that revolves around breathtaking contradictions. (more…)

Mercedes-Benz manufactured more than 1 million cars in 2013

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Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Not only do they make exceptional quality cars, but they also sell a lot of these high quality cars. And, of course, in order to sell so many, they would need to produce many.

2013 seemed to have been somewhat of a Golden Year for the German car company. According to them, 2013 saw Mercedes-Benz breaking their all-time record by manufacturing a whopping 1.49 million cars in 2013. That is definitely not a number to joke about.

While their not sure yet as to the amount of cars actually sold, a spokesperson for Mercedes said that they expect it to be upwards of 1.4 million.  (more…)

Man makes parody video-ad for old Nissan – and Nissan buys it

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Well this is one way to sell your old, used car. And while still entertaining everyone, even the car manufacturer that made the car!

A filmmaker from Florida, Luke Aker produce this pure gold advertisement under his production company, Ikonik Productions. The ad is parody on new age car advertisements that accentuate every little feature of the car, in the most dramatic and epic way possible. (more…)

Meet Willie Nel – South African drag racing legend

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Willie Nel is a well seasoned drag racer. According to him, he has been racing for more than 30 years – and you can bet your bottom dollar that 30 years of experience will definitely make you somewhat of an expert when it comes to drag racing.

Willie has been racing the same, 1973 Chev Can-Am since 1977, and, of course, beams like a proud father when talking about his car. (more…)

The 2014 European Car of the Year: Finalists

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2013 is almost at it’s end, and it’s time to reflect. In the automotive industry, that means its getting closer and closer to the time of choosing the various ‘Car of the Year’ champions.

The European Car of the Year awards are exclusively for automobile manufacturers that are based in, you guessed it, Europe.

However, what makes this award slightly different than it’s American counterpart or the World and Performance Car of the Years awards, is that the Europeans tend to focus more on efficiency rather than flash. Although – most of the worlds leading super car manufacturers hail from Europe… (more…)