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Chris Harris and the McLaren 650S

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McLaren 650S

McLaren like to design their cars with a lot power, speed and stand-out features. And that’s why we love them.

You can then imagine how excited we were when we saw that our favorite car reviewer/ petrol-head, Chris Harris, took the McLaren 650S for a spin around the track. (more…)

Audi Q4 Concept: Preview Sketches

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Audi has become quite renowned for sneaky previews of their latest models. Just as they did with the ads for the S1, Audi has done it again by teasing us with sketches of the highly anticipated Q4 concept.

Audi’s Q4 is a concept SUV tat will combine both fuel and electrical motors. The company has labeled the all new Q4 as a ‘plug-in hybrid crossover’.

Luckily for us, the sketches won’t be the nay thing we will be able to see about the car for a long time. The Q4 will make it’s official debut at the Beijing Auto Show next week. So while it’s all good and well to look at the sketches, we only have a week to go to see the official, real-life model.  (more…)

Goodwood Parade showcases an array of super cars for charity

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The Goodwood Saywell International Charity Track day is an annual event that brings together some of the world’s met famous and celebrated super cars, puts them all on a track, and make some money for charity. So you can imagine that it is, without a doubt, any petrol head’s dream event.

This year, the parade took place on March 22nd. And, just as it has done in previous years, the parade definitely did not disappoint!

The event is almost like a fun run or marathon for charity  - except, instead of superstar athletes taking part, its superstar super cars that take to the track. (more…)

Ultimate Porsche 911 GT-3 fail in Jo’Burg

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You may or may not have seen this video sometime this week. But whether you have or haven’t, there’s no harm in seeing it again…and again… and again. Because this video is pure gold.

On Monday, a South African YouTube user uploaded a video of himself following a man who is busy test driving the Porsche 911 GT-3. While the first half of the video simply shows the Porsche driving smoothly, the second half is way more exciting and will definitely ensure many ‘laugh out loud’ moments. (more…)

Aventador crash in London caught on camera (Video)

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Ouch. That’s about all there is to say about this rather nasty crash involving a beautiful black Lamborghini Aventador.

Luckily (or rather not if you prefer to look at Aventadors in peak condition) the moment of impact between a Lamborghini aventador and two other, uhm, lesser cars was caught on camera for the world to see.

The Aventador is seen speeding around a corner and then subsequently smashing both its left and right side into two other cars. (more…)

Tesla Model S will get Titanium battery shield to combat fire problem

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Tesla’s electric sedan, the famed Model S, has been hailed by many as “the safest car on Earth”. While some of that statement might be true, there seems to be one, little factor that is a throne in Tesla’s safe side. And it’s quite a big one – fire.

Over the past few months, Tesla has been plagued with complaints of it’s model S catching fire when it is in a crash or comes into contact with road debris.

This happens when the underbody of the car, which carries the battery pack, is punctured. While there have been 3 reported incidents of a Tesla Model S catching fire, luckily none of the passengers in these cars were injured. (more…)

Lisabank and the what you should know about used cars

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All used cars for sale at Lisabank are well priced. Lisabank makes buying as simple as possible.

Whether you are searching to buy a sedan, bakkie,or SUV, we have your next vehicle.

What are the benefits of buying a used/second car in today’s economy?

Most of the new cars that South Africa produces do not have enough local manufacturing content

to counteract the effects of a weak South African currency. So buying a second hand vehicle allows

consumers to purchase a depreciated item.

Many 1 and 2 year old vehicles are depreciated by 30 percent yet they may have covered less than

20000 km’s

When looking to buy a car, how can a buyer tell if they are getting the best value for their money?

With comparative shopping! The buyer can use technology (internet) to search for comparable

vehicles and compare value and condition.

Where does Lisabank get their cars from?

Lisabank sources their cars in a variety of ways

• Bank repossessed vehicles

• Trade-ins at franchise dealerships

• Purchases from fleets and companies

• Purchases from private individuals

• Auctions

• Trade-ins against our own stock

• And many other avenues

What does Lisabank offer that is different to their competitors?


Our vehicles are priced to be at the most competitive price at a comparable value.

If a person buys a car and is not happy with the purchase what is the return policy when taking into

consideration that the Consumer Protection Act currently plays a big role?

The CPA clearly states that a consumer may return goods to a supplier within 6 months if the goods

were sold without being accurately described. In other words, a consumer should not expect the

same performance from a used vehicle which has covered extensive mileage compared to a vehicle

that is brand new that has covered no mileage.

I want to be me more considerate to the environment, what kind of cars should I be looking at?

All vehicles being sold as new today carry a tax based on how economical those vehicles are. An

older vehicle whose technology may be outdated contributes negatively to the environment.


Chris Harris drives the new Jaguar F-type coupe

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The new Jaguar F-type coupe is beautiful car, there’s no doubt about that. But besides being beautiful, this car is also very powerful and obviously causes a great thrill when seen in action.

This is exactly what we have got for you on this lovely Friday – a video of the Jaguar F-type coupe in action!

And, of course, the car is reviewed by none other than our favourite petrol head, Chris Harris. HArris takes the Jag – which produced 550 horsepower by the way – around the track and gives us a little peek as to what it would feel like to drive one.

Once again, a great, entertaining and informative video by mr. Harris.

Check it out below:

Source: YouTube