Modify your ‘Vette: Supercar on a Shoestring

corvette-covers-smallThere are certainly a lot of neat new sportscars coming out, but with the economy slowing down, some are wondering if is it really the time to buy a new car. Some are turning to used sportscars, or the ones already in their garage, for added value. For those that are looking to find ways to trim their budget without sacrificing performance and luxury, small improvements in performance and comfort can give an older car new appeal. And for those that have been bitten by the new car bug, those of you that follow sportscar news know that there are cars, like the Chevrolet Corvette, that are huge values either new or used when compared to their high-priced brethren.

For example, in 2008 GM released the ZR-1 which, though sporting a $100K+ price tag, is on the same playing field with cars much more expensive in both performance and luxury. Then there’s the Z06, which is known as a supercar killer for a mere $60K. And even a base Corvette, with a few selectively chosen Corvette aftermarket parts, can be tuned to a similar level of performance. Whether you’re buying new or used, the value of a Corvette is superior to its much higher-priced competitors. And the aftermarket support for the Chevrolet Corvette is strong. With everything from Corvette sun visors to Corvette seat covers, customizing a Corvette and making it luxurious, practical, and (more) sporty is easy.

Then there are the many incentives to purchase a new domestic car, or a used car, at this particular time. With tax incentives and dealer rebates, a Corvette can be had for prices you wouldn’t even believe. And with the used car market being soft, many Corvettes are going to enthusiasts who have long dreamed of owning such a car, but could never afford one. So even while some are holding on to their ‘Vettes, others are finding it a perfect time to buy – and to modify.

Perhaps a Corvette isn’t in your budget right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking. Sites like offer collections of Corvette pictures where you can browse (for free) and admire the Corvettes of other enthusiasts. Or maybe you have a Corvette in your garage, but just don’t know what to do with it? Sites like CorvetteGuys are a great way to learn more about your car and see the wide variety of performance parts that are available to help you get the most enjoyment from your car – without taking on a new car payment. And there are other budget-saavy modifications they can help you with – like cold air intakes – that help you get more performance and improve fuel economy, too.

As with all sportscars, in this budget-conscious times we are all looking for small, inexpensive ways to protect the value of our investments. Sites like CorvetteGuys have products to help you save money on that too – everything from oil filters to Corvette covers at reasonable prices, all with free shipping. So in these economically challenging times, consider picking up a reasonably priced Chevrolet Corvette, doing a little work, and you can have a luxurious, high-performance sportscar on a shoestring budget (and no one except you and your checkbook will know the difference).


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