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19 March
Smart ForTwo Gets Accessories

Smart has gone ahead and released a set of cosmetic accessories for the Smart and Brabus ForTwo and the kitty includes some stickers and LEDs. Mind you, it is a purely a decorative package and the engine gets no tweaking if you thought so. The package includes six types of foil stickers; each designed by artist Timo Wuerz who is working directly with Mercedes-Benz.

smart fortwo

The six color options reflect the ‘six colorful motifs’ and each of these stickers cost €250. These stickers remain good for five years and they can be removed in a matter of minutes if the need be. The package also includes a set of Brabus LED daytime running lights and third LED brake lights where the daytime LEDs cost €549 while the brake lights cost €129. For the interior, there is a Brabus carbon-look eight-piece interior trim set which demands €299.

26 November


Mercedes SLS gullwing – nice.

Nissan GTR – nice.

Mclaren SLR – nice.

Now imagine someone deciding to take the SLS, give it some kind of GTR “gaping mouth” and for good measure give it the dropping nose treatment of the SLR.

WHAT? This isn’t just a bad idea, but someone actually decided to take that idea further and make a virtual design study of such an abomination.

The guilty party – MEC Design. Let’s hope they don’t build this thing.

Source: MEC Design

05 August
The Race-ist Movie

The guys are currently filming an exciting local film based on the vehicle modifications and quartermile racing industry.

The movie is called ‘The Race-ist’ and is due for release on the 11 December 2009 at Cinemas nationwide (Distributed by the amazing Nu-Metro).

The film stars DJ Fresh, Kurt Darren, Ian Roberts, Jonnie Pienaar, Nicole Smart, Liezel van der Westhuizen and many other great actors and personalities.

Check out the website and trailer at

On Sunday the 9th of August 2009 they will be filming the major race finale scene. They need approximately 5000 extras with cars, Bikes and all things bright and cool to really show off how cool our country and it’s people are. Unfortunately, paying for 5000 extras would cost ridiculous amounts of money… So what they are hosting an expo at the Rock raceway in Benoni on Sunday the 9th of August 2009.

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16 April
2009 Miss Tuning Finalists

Why do men love cars? Most of the time is because of the feeling you get when you push the pedal to the metal, but have you ever thought that we buy them to impress the opposite sex? It could be true. This is why Carblog would like to take a small break from posting about cars, so here are the 2009 Miss Tuning finalists. Just as good as horsepower, isn’t it ?

06 August
Shaq buys a Smart ForTwo

Boy that’s a weird thing. The Phoenix Suns superstar Shaquille O’Neal which in case you didn’t knew, weighs 375 pounds and is 2.16m (7 ft 1 in) big, just bought a new car. What you expect? A big limo with enough space for feet and large? Wrong. He bought a Smart ForTwo and what’s even more surprising, is that the guy actually fits inside. Well sorta! He got himself a convertible!

It’s pretty funny to see the big guy with his head several inches over the windshield being all cramped inside the small car. By the way! There’s no evidence that the door actually closes with Shaq inside.

How big are you and what cars you drive? Would you choose a Smart ForTwo if you’d be that “large” ?

via TMZ (Source)

30 July
Autostyle Monthend Specials

The Autostyle July Month end Specials is now available. Check out their newsletter to view this exclusive promotion.

08 May
Win an Exclusive DrinkNos Hamper


Win an Exclusive DrinkNos Hamper

15 February
ICE Power FM Modulators

ip-m101fm-wince.jpgHow cool are these! – We’v just stocked up on these nifty FM Modulators. They plug into your cigarette lighter and give off an FM Signal (you can choose your signal) . You then tune your radio to this frequency and you should be hearing what is playing on the FM Modulator.

All of these include remotes. The entry unit has a USB Stick input while the higher end one has a built in 1gig memory as well as USB stick support. The 1gig model is my fav and the one i’m using. Simply connect to your PC via USB (cable supplied) drag & drop your files, disconnect and hook up in your vehicle.

Another added bonus is the audio-jack input, this allows you to plug in an mp3 player, iPod or similar music device and it’ll playback through the same FM frequency.

IP-MP3FM – this one only supports USB memory sticks

IP-M101FM – this is the 1gig built-in memory unit.

14 February
Boozina Programmable Hooter

boozinaLast year Autostyle Motorsport imported a few “Sunami Kits” – What we thought as a small novelty turned out to be quite the sleeper hit! – The 10 units flew off their shelves in a matter of days. Granted the Speed & Sound featured only added more to this crazy gadget.

Alas suppliers decided to give them the runabout when it came to product support and stock levels and had to discontinue this. Luckily a new unit arrived recently, the Boozina Kit – One can only wonder what kind of a chemically induced state the creator of this must have been under to choose the name, but this is way better then the Sunami.

At the heart of this kit is the programmable module and serial cable, this basically allows you to load your own range of sounds (up to 4) onto the unit. It comes with 4 default sounds (sirens, horns & Elvis Presley impersonations!?!?) – All software, cables, harness, etc are all included. All in all, not a bad kit for under R800.

Now if i can just get an UmshiniWa chant loaded for my next drive to Bloem.

Boozina Programmable Horn Kit – R795

14 January
Heads up Display @ Autostyle Motorsport

autogauge heads up Autostyle Motorsport had similar units in the past, albeit at a sky high price. Luckily our eccentric supplier from the far east, Autogauge has released their own version of the Heads Up Display Kit.

For the uninformed, a Heads Up Display kit gives you your speed readings by lighting it up onto your windscreen. Fighter pilot/TopGun style. The kits are very intuitive and easy to install.
Included is the regular fittings, wiring harnesses & sticker film for your windscreen.

These are available at a R895/set, click here to buy online

Unfortunately at the time of this post, I have no photographs of the actual unit in use
Arrange with Autostyle to photograph your car in action with this or email Naeem @ Autostyle with a good clear picture of these, and he’ll rebate you R100 back on your purchase

14 January
Window Gloves @ Autostyle Motorsport

window glove Finally available at Autostyle Motorsport

They now stock Window Gloves. These stocking-like black covers simply slip over your rear door frames. Allowing you to leave your windows open without any worry for the outside elements or smash’n grab incidents. Perfect to give some fresh air for your little ones while avoiding sunshine.

Available for a variety of cars, these cost R295 for a pair.
Click here to view & purchase these online


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