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Fiat reveals 500L Vans concept

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If ever there was a perfect vehicle for a passionate surfer or skater (besides the classic Volkswagen hippie van) then this Fiat concept is it.

Fiat partnered with Vans, the shoe company that is synonymous with everything skating and surfing, to bring us their concept for the ultimate skate/surf car. It features their 500L crossover car with (a lot) of Vans branding and motifs.

The radical concept car was officially unveiled at the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California.

And while the car would probably be rad for a die-hard surfer/skater dude, fir us non beach or tar loving folk, it just kind of comes off as strange. Howver, the design is sort of cool and definitely gives us a feeling of summer loving.

The entire design of the car is clearly inspired by the Vans lifestyle manifesto: skate/surf or die. 

The exterior features three different colours, blue, black and white, and, as a homage to one the famous Vans checkered shoe, the roof is covered in the same, recognizable pattern.

On the roof you will also find a roof rack (obviously) which is big enough to house two surfboards, so you and your buddy can hit the beach at anytime.

The inside is just as Vans-inspired as the outside. The seats are made of canvas (just like the famous checkered shoe) and features a palm tree motif with the Vans logo.

The dashboard is probably the coolest feature of the entire design. It is covered with Vans stickers – just as many skateboards and surfboards around the world. The dashboard injects some colour into the overall blue palette of the car.

vans car



vans car


Strangely, the car also has 4, eye-catching circular LED lights on the grille. It looks rather weird, but the explanation for them is to shine some light on the beach whne you are having a beach party – obviously. Below these lights are two other fog lights.

While the shell of the car has been changed a lot, the engine has remained the same – a 1.4 liter turbo engine.

While it is (highly) unlikely that this car would ever actually go into production, it is still cool to look out. Even if it does come off as a little strange. We’re sure the legions of Vans fans will one it. The car will remain in display in California until August the 3rd.

Source: CarBuzz