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Ron Burgundy promotes the Dodge Durango

Published by on Oct 7th, 2013, No Comments

Ron Burgundy

Calling all Anchorman fans! This is one for you – and we can almost guarantee that it will have you up in stitches!

In a (very) clever advertising campaign, Dodge has enlisted the services of world famous,  San Diego anchorman, Ron Burgundy to help promote their new, 2014 Dodge Durango.

Of course, Ron Burgundy is not a real person (although we wish he was) and rather a character made famous by one of comedy’s leading funny-men, Will Ferrel.

And the best part? Ron Burgundy not only filmed one 30-second commercial for Dodge, but an astonishing 67! This all forms part of the company’s YouTube marketing campaign.

We have put together 3 of these commercials for your viewing pleasure so long. In them, Ron discusses horsepower, glove boxes and MPG’s – in that classic Ron Burgundy kind of way.

The ads also tie in with the release of the highly anticipated Anchorman 2 film, that will be released in theaters on December 20th.

Check out the commercials below – but be warned, you might end up LOLing:

Source: CarBuzz