01 September
2011 Volkswagen Passat Out in the Form of a New Photo

A Norwegian website sports what is touted to be a new photo of the 2011 Volkswagen Passat. Volkswagen fans are waiting with bated breath to see if it’s all true, and in the meantime are poring over the picture enthralled with what is to come.

The photo reveals that the headlights have changed – no more bulging headlights as are seen on the current Passat. The lenses also look a little different from the earlier sneak picture  we all saw.

The grille is flat horizontal, fog lights are redesigned, the bumper looks like it’s been remodeled, as do the sidesills and side panels.

Speculation is rife that there will definitely be interior changes that will use upgraded materials, give the vehicle a different instrument cluster, and also a new multifunction steering wheel.

The car is expected to come out as a sedan and a station wagon, and will possibly be out in the European market by November. The run up to the Paris Motor Show, which begins on September 30, will definitely bring out more details.

(Via WCF)

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