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30 June
Kia US Line-Up to Have Alphanumeric Nomenclature Soon

The US market might soon get to see Kia Motors going in for a change in nomenclature of its models. The automotive company is mulling over changing the names of its US range of vehicles from product names to alphanumerics.

Kia K5 in South Korea (or Kia Altima in US)

With the new change soon to take effect, the US buyers can choose their Kia models from among different alphanumeric names. In home country South Korea, the Kia line up has already been given partially alphanumeric names. For instance, the mid-sized Optima sedan has been named the K5, while large sedan Cadenza comes with theK7 name. The Kia Forte is to be called the K3. This doesn’t mean that all Kia models have been renamed. The Morning, Pride, Koup, Soul and Sportage have retained their nomenclature. The thought of renaming the vehicles with alphanumerics in the US car mart stems from the belief that such a move could enhance the strength of the car brand.

30 June
Volkswagen Single-Cab Amarok Spy Pictures Out; Launch Likely By Early 2011

We have been hearing of the Volkswagen Amarok for quite some time now, and here we have for you a bunch of spy pictures that details the single-cab. By the looks of it, it seems the maker has gone in for a snipped version of the earlier dual-cab Amarok. Take a look at these spy pictures, clicked by an enthusiast somewhere out there.

Though VW hasn’t yet come out in public with details of the single-cab Amarok, we are forced to believe that the little truck would be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI with 120 kW (161 hp / 163 PS) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. In the meanwhile, we are also being told that VW might offer a 2.0-liter four-cylinder flex-fuel petrol variant too. You needn’t be surprised if VW also goes in for an automatic transmission too. This would make it a first for the Amarok.

Going by the pictures, the single cab Amarok looks like a vehicle with a few little changes thrown in here and there in comparison with the dual cab design. Alterations include a longer truck bed. Besides this, a long B-pillar that has some extra storage space behind the front seats may also be seen as a change. VW is likely to roll out the single cab Amarok by early 2011. [via WCF]

30 June
GM C7 Corvette To Come Fitted With Small Block V8 Engines

General Motors is said to be lining up the C7 Corvette with a small block V-8. The C7 Corvette is expected to be among the first line of GM cars to come fitted with a V-8. If you guys are wondering as to what is unique about the small block V8, read on.

GM’s small-block V-8s will sport aluminum blocks and heads, direct-injection, and a new combustion system. Further, in a bid to ensure compact dimensions and lower manufacturing costs, GM has maintained a traditional overhead-valve layout for the small block V8.

With General Motors pumping in close to $890 million into this project, it seems like the downsized engine initiative is taken very seriously by the car maker. We hear that the prototypes of he small block V8 engines are now being tested at Detroit, so as to be fitted into the C7 Corvettes ahead of a final test and roll out. The C7 engines are expected to be capable enough to displace 5.5 liters, with a target output of about 440 horsepower. It looks like we are in for good times on the road.

29 June
Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe Get Facelift; US Debut by Mid-August

Come August and the US car mart will get to see face-lifted versions of the Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe. The 2011 Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe are set to drive in sporting new additions, including enhanced fuel economy capabilities.

2011 Honda Accord Sedan facelift

To be available either as a sedan or a coupe in 4-cylinder and V-6 variants, the 2011 Honda Accord will boast of a spruced up exterior, stylish interior and also a new leather-equipped Special Edition (SE) trim level. Honda is also said be incorporating enhanced capabilities in aerodynamics, engine friction and transmission gear ratios, in its bid to make sure added fuel economy.

The car maker has said in a press release that the EPA fuel-economy ratings for Accord 4-cylinder sedan models equipped with an automatic transmission returns fuel efficiency at 23 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 34 mpg on the highway.

A new wheel design will be part of the spruced up package. Further, new stylecomponents would be accorded to the front grille, front bumper and rear deck lid, it said.

Additional features include a rear-view camera, USB input, memory seats, and paddle shifters. The Special Edition trim, in the meantime, would come with heated leather seats, leather-covered steering wheel, and lumbar support for the driver. Wait till mid-August to get a first taste of the upgrade.

29 June
BMW X9 concept – WTF?

Let me start this post by saying that I don’t pretend to know anything about creating computer generated concept vehicles. I have no idea what happens from the point where the designer gets an idea into his head to the point where we look at pictures going: “Is this real or is this photoshopped?”

Car designers are amazing and there is no way I would ever be able to create something even remotely resembling the pictures you see here. You see it almost looks like this thing really exists and for that I applaud the designer.

However, there is something very wrong with the car that he has created. Very very wrong.

Ugly doesn’t really do the car justice. I believe the word I am looking for could be hideous or even repulsive.  BMW would not like to see their badge on a car such as this. Atrocious could also do.

Unfortunately I believe that this lad might be onto something. Here I am writing about this vile creation, people will no doubt be looking at this car from all the different continents and by tomorrow Mr Khalfi Oussama could be a household name.

If you want to see other projects by Khalfi go to , sit back and enjoy.

29 June
Audi S1 on the way

Audi will introduce the S1 to the world at next years Paris motors show with sales to start 6 months later.

The very small very hot hatch segment will certainly be a very exciting segment over the next couple of years with the arrival of the Mito cloverleaf from Alfa and of course the current Mini Cooper S. The S1 is going to be powered with a friskier version of the 1.4 turbo engine similar to the one to be used in the upcoming polo Gti, but undoubtedly a bit more powerful given the S1′s premium positioning.

Sales will start only September next year which means you still have enough time to save the R220 000 – R250 000 the little thing will cost.

29 June
Speculated Renderings: The New Audi A6

The New Audi A6 is turning out to a quite an elusive animal. Normally when a car gets close to the final production version there are countless pictures of ugly, patched up and camouflaged test mules designed to give the pre production versions a run in the real world.

With the next Audi A6 it’s and entirely different story. While trawling the web for news about the next A6 all you’ll find is 3 pictures of an old A6 with flared wheelarches claimed to be a drive train mule, but that unfortunately is it.

So far no further pictures have been spotted of the car in any way shape or form which begs the questions: What are they hiding and what the hell does it look like?!

What I’ve found in search of the answers are a whole lot of photo shopped pictures of the new A6 which doesn’t look too bad. You’ll also find some photos of the alleged drive train mule.  Enjoy.

29 June
Audi A7 spy pictures emerge; roll out likely this October

We have been hearing about a possible debut of the Audi A7 for quite some time now. However, not much had been revealed as yet. Building on the expectations, finally, a handful of spy pictures have emerged on the Net. The upcoming Audi A7 has been clicked on the roads near Salzburg in Austria. The pictures come courtesy of an Audi lover who was test driving his new Audi A8 when he saw the Audi A7 speeding past him, says a report.

So what do we have here to expect?

Going by the pictures, the Audi A7 sports an exterior much similar to the A8. This means that the frontal look would come with headlights, nose, grille, and foglights. The new Audi A7 is most likely to be rolled out in Paris this October. Expected to be powered by supercharged 3.0-liter 268-hp (200 kW / 272 PS) V6 and 372-hp (277 kW / 377 PS) 4.2-liter V8 engines, the diesel variants could include a 3.0-liter TDI producing 250 hp (184 kW / 253 PS), and a 350-hp (258 kW / 355 PS) 4.2-liter TDI. A 7-speed double clutch gearbox could be part of the new car, too. [via WCF]

29 June
SEAT Ibiza Good Stuff Limited Edition Partners Shakira’s European Tour

What’s SEAT doing with Shakira? The launch of the car maker’s limited edition Ibiza Good Stuff in the UK takes off from the pop diva’s forthcoming European tour and has been named after her Good Stuff concerts.

The Columbian pop sensation-inspired Ibiza GS has been built on the same platform as the popular Ibiza 1.4 SE, and would be rolled out in hues of Candy White or Speed Blue. To be available in SC and five-door variants, the limited edition beauty would sport 16-inch Sonda alloy wheels, tinted rear windows, TomTom satellite navigation, an 8GB iPod Nano, a Bluetooth hands-free phone system, automatic climate control, power windows
and mirrors, and a six-speaker AM/FM/CD audio system. The car would run powered by an 85 PS (63 kW / 84 hp) 1.4-liter petrol engine connected to a five-speed manual transmission.

The car offers 85 PS at 5,000 rpm, and would have the capability to race to 62 mph in just 11.8 seconds – 12.2 seconds for the 5dr. Prices would start at £12,300 for the SC and £12,710 for the five-door.

Environment concerns too are taken care of with CO2 emissions locked at 142 g/km. The Ibiza Good Stuff’s fuel consumption would be something around 47.1 mpg. Prices start at £12,300 for the SC and £12,710 for the five-door. The Shakira connection is extended beyond just the Good Stuff name.

SEAT will be bang in with the tour sponsorship and multimedia advertising campaign around the Good Stuff model, and also is believed to be an active supporter of Shakira’s initiatives for her Barefoot Foundation .

28 June
Toyota Auris Hybrid line-off ceremony at TMUK

Toyota Auris Hybrid

The Auris Hybrid from the Toyota stables is set for a line-off ceremony from Toyota’s production company in the United Kingdom. The first ever hybrid vehicle that is being mass produced in Europe will sail off today from the Toyota Manufacturing, UK (TMUK) assembly line. With sales expected to start with sales on July 1, Toyota intends to take the Auris Hybrid to as many as 32 European nations. The TMUK will be rolling out as many as 30,000 units of the vehicle annually. The TMUK which had come into being way back in 1992 has already recorded a cumulative production of 3 million vehicles this year, going by the June 7 figures.

28 June
T.25 the city car, debuts

Gordon Murray’s new city car, the new T.25, has been rolled out at an event at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford in England. Weighing just 1,212 pounds, the T.25 comes about as a car that can seat three adults in a 1+ 2 layout. While the driver sits at the front-center, two other seats are provided behind on either side The width is just over four feet and length just under eight feet. The T.25 sports a front, akin to a BMW Isetta microcar of the olden days. A 51 horsepower, in-line three-cylinder engine mounted in the back powers the car. The T.25 has been designed to race from to 62 mph in 16.2 seconds while achieving 61.9 miles per gallon.


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