13 April
McLaren Boss Ron Dennis Dubs Bugatti Veyron as a ‘Piece of Junk’

Bugatti Veyron 2

It may be the most expensive production car in the world but for McLaren F1 Executive Chairman, Ron Dennis, the Bugatti Veyron is “a complete piece of junk.” There’s nothing about the Veyron to make Ron feel good and he says that the four-wheeler is pig ugly and cannot handle very well. He mentioned that the 16-cylinder engine is only taken out by cutting the car and this huge engine is one reason the car doesn’t do well around corners. Dennis recollected how the Bugatti was not able to defeat the McLaren F1 on Top Gear, though the crew was supposed to film exactly the opposite. McLaren is busy producing the MP4-12C lightweight supercar which renders 600bhp courtesy of its 3.8L twin-turbo engine but it is supposedly not the flagship variant.

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One Response to “McLaren Boss Ron Dennis Dubs Bugatti Veyron as a ‘Piece of Junk’”

  1. MoT G Says:

    I like Ron Dennis.
    A mechanic who’s done well for himself.
    It’s hard to argue that cutting up a car to get the engine out is great design; I wonder if Bugatti has anyone who will try to explain why it’s a good feature…

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