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30 September
Lamborghini Estoque Concept Spotted


The Lamborghini Estoque a four-door concept — which was first spotted at last years Paris Motor Show — was a dumped project because of the credit crunch. However,this March, Lamborghini have confirmed that the four-door concept wasn’t axed but only yet to be decided when it will be produced. Adding to the confusion mill, a new Lamborghini Estoque Concept has been spotted in Germany without license plates. As per the company officials, the four-door would fit in well with their current product line-up, meaning that there is still hope we might see this beauty on the streets. We’d definitely like to get behind the wheel on that elegant beast! [via]

30 September
TopCar Bentley Continental GT Bullet

TopCar Continental GT Bullet

Russian Tuning House TopCar has taken on the new Bentley Continental GT and the GT Speed Coupe, for a new tuning package. Known as Bentley Continental GT Bullet, the new monster got no power upgrades (TopCar didn’t touch the engine) meaning there are actually no performance upgrades. However, on the outside, the changes include a new front-end with a new bumper, a grille (GT specific) and an all new hood with air intakes. The front spoiler has been built-in and so are the LED lights. As far as the sides are concerned, the skirts leading into the wheel wells are distinguishable and they compliment the new rear bumper. The entire kit with alloy wheels costs €25,000 (with €7,000 for the matte paintjob), which is pretty steep, but we’re sure money’s not a problem in Russia. Eh?

30 September
Toyota Prius Gets Tommy Kaira Treatment


Tuners don’t spare anything, not even the hybrid cars, which means that the Toyota Prius couldn’t be missed. No one would appreciate toying with the engines for these green babies, therefore Tommy Kaira just took care of the exterior and nothing more. As far as Tommy Kaira is concerned — which by the way thinks there’s life for “eco car tuning”, they integrated the Prius with lower front lips, larger front air dams, and thicker rims. He made the side skirts wider and gave the car a new rear bumper. They also got rid of the Prius logo (not advisable after shelling all that money on a green baby) and attached four tailpipes which makes it guised green beast. Not bad, at all!


29 September
Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Confirmed

The Ferrari F430 replacement — the 458 Italia Spider — has been so very special with its unique and appealing design, that Ferrari has confirmed that the Modena-based facility will actually produce it. The company has announced that the 458 Italia is schedule to begin shipping in the second half of January, but the Spider version should be expected for anything less than a couple of years.

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Ferrari 458 Italia sports nothing less than 570 hp and 540Nm of torque, which helps it achieve a top speed of 325km/h. Considering the figures on the 458 Italia model, the drop-top with all this goodness will be a serious contender in the supercar market. [via]

29 September
Spied: 2011 Porsche Cayenne

2011 Porsche Cayenne Spy

People always look up to top-notch SUVs like the Cayenne to set up a benchmark, and Porsche seemingly realizes it. As a consequence the company has affected certain changes meant to make the new Cayenne lighter and more efficient. Speaking of it, the dashing 2011 Porsche Cayenne has been spied testing in Nurburgring and the most evident changes include the pronounced shoulder lines and the headlights that remind of the Panamera. The Germans are definitely targeting fuel efficiency with this model and even a hybrid model is being planned. Word is that the SUV will go into production in 2010 with deliveries expected later in the year. [via WCF]

26 September
Hyundai i10 Electric Sees Light in Germany

Hyundai i10 Electric

Hyundai is helping our world to stay a little greener, with their zero emission vehicle that is set for a 2010 trial release in Korea. This concept vehicle is the Hyundai i10 electric. Recently, unveiled in Frankfurt, the car offers a lot of promises. It’s powered with a 16kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery, and a 49 Kw electric motor and commuters can expect to travel 160 Km on a single charge. The Hyundai i10 electric provides comfortable seating for four with safety and weighs in at a low 1000 Kg. Part of the low weight is due to vacuum pump brakes eliminating excess weight associated with hydraulics, and the advanced batteries. Quite a ride, eh?

25 September
The new 2010 Opel Astra

2010 Opel Asta

The new 2010 Opel Astra, unveiled at Frankfurt is a 5-door hatchback, that goes by the name of Vauxhall Astra in the UK. The engine choices for the new Opel Astra are a 1.4 petrol turbo that outputs 88kW (120hp) or a 1.6 turbo — same one from the Insignia — that sports 132kW (180hp). On the inside it boasts a sweeping center stack and red accent lighting to provide an upscale look and feel. It also features arrowhead jewelry in the light clusters, an emergency brake switch instead of a manual pull handle and under the floor storage. On sale in Europe starting this fall, the new Opel Astra is expected to be a hot ticket at a cool price. We’re in for one!

23 September
Volvo C70 Facelift Sheds the Car's Stodgy Past

Volvo C70 Facelift

The new Volvo C70 looks like a panther crouched and ready to leap. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Swedes have revealed a model that will put its past well behind and generate plenty of excitement on its way by. The new Volvo C70 sports a retractable hard top, a sleek front end and headlights positioned to peer into the darkness. This beauty carries all of the great safety features you’ve come to expect in a Volvo without compromising style or performance. With three engine options generating 140hp, 170hp, or 230hp, Volvo has positioned itself for a roll, a sprint or a dash down the high fashion runway.

22 September
Citroen DS3 the Getaway Car

Citroen DS3

Don’t expect a blue light and a middle aged detective to step out of this animal. Citroen is about to rock its roots. The new DS3 with built in Bluetooth and GPS is fit for the now generation. Packed into a sleek package, the DS3 looks like a German/Italian super model. The DS3 exudes French elegance, sophistication and performance artfully blended in a world class auto. Tailored upholstery and state of the art dash put the driver in a cockpit, ready to fly. And fly you will with your choice of gasoline or diesel fuel generating 91 to 152 horse power.

21 September
Arden Shows XJ351 Tuning


German tuners Arden have given a preview on what their package for the Jaguar XJ has in store. As they released renderings show, the Arden XJ 351 is likely to get a new front spoiler and more angled side sills. But the tuning program cannot of course end with just the front spoiler; you can expect Arden to increase the car’s performance with a retuned engine, powertrain, and a new exhaust. Other changes may include a new suspension, brakes, rear spoiler and 21-inch tires to the package. Also included may be certain cosmetic changes like a new gear lever, aluminum pedals, and floor mats.


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