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23 June
Top Gear’s The Stig revealed!

Who is The Stig? Click play below

18 June
705 HP LS9-Powered Hennessey Camaro


The folks at Hennessey Motorsport in Houston complete their first swap of a ZR1-sourced LS9 into a 2010 Camaro, creating the HPE700. beautiful machine with this many horses under the hood – can you say  0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 201mph, this is the first 705 HP LS9-Powered Hennessey Camaro that manages to surprise and charm with its amazing specs: 705 bhp @ 6,400 rpm, 717 lb-ft Torque @ 4,400 rpm Performance (Estimated), 1/4 mile: 11.3 @ 125 mph. Looks like a pure adrenaline shot … that if you can afford buying one for $109,000. Right? [via Jalopnik]

18 June
2011 Audi R8 Spyder coming with V10 engine only


The Frankfurt Motor Show this fall will see the debut of the  new 2011Audi R8 Spyder along with its 525 hp 5.2 liter V10 engine that gets mated to a standard six-speed manual gearbox or an optional R-tronic automated transmission. The 420hp version with the 4.2-liter V8 fitted to the standard R8, is slated for a later release. Audi, we reckon, doesn’t want to hurt sales of the current A8 in China, Europe and the U.S. and/or doesn’t want a new version overlooked at such an important auto show as Frankfurt. For now… it’s the Audi R8 Spyder’s turn to be in the limelight. [via Autoblog]

18 June
Artist Rendering: The new Skoda Octavia 3


The last edition of the Skoda Octavia was 2004 and a newer version is due out, this year. Skoda’s best offering, Octavia is probably going to switch from the VW Golf Mk 5 platform, with a new engine and transmission choices coming along with the new styling  — this time based on the Mk6 platform and bigger than it’s predecessor. The new Skoda Octavia 3 which we have in here is mostly in the artist’s head, but there can be seen a little bit of the Skoda Joyster with wider grille, spoiler, and thin-strip fog lights. Like it? [via WCF]

17 June
Porsche Cayenne by Status Design for the Russian Gangstas?


A Russian design studio in Moscow has some ideas for the Porsche Cayenne. Status Design is calling the design the ‘body-whale’ kit. And if you ask me, ‘it don’t look like no whale.’ Maybe a stingray. Status Design most likely wants us to think marine-animal as in sleekness and power, but a whale? The front is not unlike the Peugeot with its four-tiered grille or am I not seeing the strings to open and close that thing. The kit is made out of high-quality plastic and carbon.

And although the folks in Russia are ingenious, resilient and resourceful, coming up with good names to give to their designs, it’s not their best though.

[via carmods]

17 June
BMW M Concept to rival Audi R8

Please, please don’t tell my wife about the new BMW M concept.  She’ll stop feeding the baby and trade in her current Beamer for this new rival to the Audi R8.


Artist Idreis Noah, formerly of the GM Holden Australia design team has come up with a design of his own for the BMW M. And it’s a beaut! Just add water to the Audi R8 he says. The artists said details were “inspired by what’s called in surfing terms ‘a Barrel or Tube’. It’s where the wave is hollow when it breaks.”

Rushing water rolls over the wheels, cues on the door and flows into the side air intakes which sit on the protruding rear wheelbase. Consistent with BMW’s design paradigm the new model must be “Aggressive, Sleek, Agile and totally different from anything on the road today.” And give it a 5.0 liter V10 to boot and you are good to go.


BMW! Are you reading?

[via seriouswheels]

17 June
Ferrari F430 Style Up by ASI

 Ferrari F430 by ASI

‘Made in Japan’ doesn’t mean what it used to mean. The Japanese turning firm ASI is now designing new style packages for the Ferrari F430 and a new performance package for the Bentley Continental (GT, Flying Spur and GTC). For the Ferrari – aggressive side skirts, rear bumpers that cry ‘bold’ and a new front bumper all weigh just 27kg (59lbs). Additionally there are “Scuderia-style” center-mounted exhaust tips in its new sporty exhaust. Looks amazing in all white and definitely makes you crave for a ride behind the wheel. Makes you feel powerful .. eh? And sexy?

 Ferrari F430 by ASI

12 June
Peugeot 308 RC-Z [Audi TT Inspired 308 RC-Z]

Peugeot 308 RC-Z

If what we have in here is the actual Peugeot 308 RC-Z, all specialists are right that it … somehow … gets its lines from the new Audi TT. Spied in Spain by our good friends from WCF, the new Peugeot 308 RC-Z sure has what it takes to get you ‘wow’. Meant for a 2010 debut the RC-Z is rumored to pack a 250hp (184kW) gas engine along with a bunch of turbo diesels. It definitely has aggressive curves and shapes that charm, but the new Peugeot 308 RC-Z is slated to bear a spicy price tag. Some could easily say that’s the most beautiful Peugeot ever (I’m game) but we’ll let you decide …

12 June
Mugen’s Two Seat Honda Civic Type-R

Honda Civic Mugen RR (JDM)

Nothing sure for the moment, but if the rumor that Mugen is planning to release a two-seat RR-based Civic Type-R hatchback, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a hot seller. I don’t know about you but for me Honda has always been translated to amazing engines with great performances. Well it looks like Mugen is about to bring the looks to the whole deal. Based on the current Mugen RR (pictured) but with an upgraded suspension, bigger Brembo brakes, stylish 18-inch wheels and lightweight Recaro buckets. Same rumors have it that if built, the two seat Honda Civic Type-R would be powered by a 2.0-liter engine that outputs 237 bhp and 160 lbs of torque. So how does $58-$60k sound for one …. ? [via Autoblog]

12 June
Monkeys Doing “Things” On Your Hood?

It’s a beautiful Saturday and you’re driving with your buds in a park while all of a sudden a monkey lands on your hood. How fun is that? But now comes the best part. What if another monkey comes out of nowhere (yeah right, the fella` was obviously watching the whole deal) and the two of them engage into hot sex? A quickie! There’s not much else we can say, but we’ll let the video talk for itself.

11 June
2010 Kia Forte Sedan [Prices Announced, Starts from $14200]

A compact four door, the new 2010 Kia Forte Sedan has been announced with prices starting from $14,200 for the base LX trim, including the $695 delivery premium. But other than the LX, the mid-level Forte EX is going to be priced North of $16,490 while the top shelf SX version (sportiest of them all) begins from $17,890.

2010 Kia Forte Sedan

Of course most of you would be tempted to get the new Kia Forte Sedan SX model as it’s powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine mated to either a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic, that outputs 173 hp. As for the other two versions, the LX and the EX, they’re but running on a 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing 156 hp and 144 lb-ft of torque.

Looking good, but we’ll let you decide if it’s a good deal or not.


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