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29 November
Abt Golf VI: A powerful overhaul under the hood

If you are looking for a fabulous tuning kit that not just touches up on the exterior, but gives you some “wow” under the hood, then the Abt Golf VI, making its debut at Essen, is the end of your search. The tuning kit of Abt upgrades your vehicle giving you two different options to choose from. The conventional 122 hp 1.4-litre is expanded to 160 hp and even the 2.0 TFSI gets upgraded from 210 hp to 240 hp, offering you a choice with the power that flows from underneath that hood. The options are both efficient and help your car get lighter and faster with ease. Then there are the additional Abt threaded suspension and breaking systems which match the new performance of the car. Abt also packs some changes to the front grill, rear spoiler, alloy wheels and a lot more. But it is the modifications to what is inside the hood, which still look most impressive.

28 November
Volkswagen Chico: Smart city car to be mini-production version of 'UP' Concept

Volkswagen has decided that it will reenter the smart small-city car market with a car that will be a compact version of the ‘UP Concept’ drawn up by the company earlier. Insiders claim that this would be dubbed as the Volkswagen Chico and will be in lines similar to the Toyota iQ and Smart Fortwo. The car could be powered by a 1.2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine, a 1.2-liter 3-cylinedr diesel engine and even an electric version of the Chico is expected to toll out. The aerodynamic design and reduced drag of the ‘Chico’ will ensure greater fuel economy as figures of 117-141 mpg are being discussed for diesel-powered Chico. The Chico is expected to hit UK markets by 2011 at an anticipated price of £ 6000.

28 November
Alfa Comeback: Alfa Romero 8C Competizione

After 14 years of absence from the US soil, Alfa Romero once again has returned to US shores wth a fleet of 85 Alfa Romero 8C Competizione landed in the country. The first of the 4.7-liter V8 engine-powered 8C was delivered to James Glickenhaus in Connecticut. The stunning and aerodynamically sleek 8C comes with a 6 speed paddle-shifted gearbox, 20-inch tires, and a carbon-fiber body. The dazzling 8C will be available in limited number as only 500 units of these will be manufactured apart from the 85 that have already been pre-ordered. Alfa Romero will produce 500 units of 8C Spider also and if you wish to own one of the two cars, then you better hurry to book your beauty! -via WCF

28 November
Rieger Scirocco all set to make its debut at Essen 2008

The famous German tuners Rieger are at it once again with the Scirocco, bringing back memories of the past attached with Rieger Scirocco GTO widebody. The new Rieger Scirocco is all set to be officially unwrapped at Essen 2008 and the initial look at the cars shows some really hot new changes to the Scirocco. Rieger has created a couple different front and rear bumper designs for the Scirocco, each one aimed at customers with varied tastes and choices. There are also varied options available for side skirts, roof spoiler, quad pipe muffler, lowering springs and 3 styles of 19- and 20-inch wheels. Expect the Rieger Scirocco to steal the show once it sets its wheels on ramp. Looks aggressive. – via

28 November
Steinmetz tunes up Opel Insignia in style

Opel Insignia is a pretty popular choice among those who fancy their hand at creating custom tuning kits for cars and Steinmetz has unveiled its own version with a provisional tuning package. The tuning kit offered by Steinmetz comes with a ride lowering suspension system, black and white 20-inch alloy wheels and changes to the front grille and front spoiler. Even the rear silencer tailpipe and floor mats have been altered, despite which the Insignia still largely retains its original look. Dubbed as the new European Car of the Year, Insignia would surely attract many more automakers who will offer custom add-ons and this one from Steinmetz looks subtle and simple.

28 November
Farbio GTS 400: Power-packed performance

The Farbio GTS 400 is all about taking the original Farbio GTS available in its 384 hp and revving it up by a couple of notches to super-charged 410hp car thanks to its new engine structure. This allows the GTS 400 to race from naught to 100 km/hr in just 3.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 180 mph. The V6 engine under its hood along with luxurious interiors and brilliant aerodynamic design, make it one of the supercars in the market today. The Farbio GTS 400 is expected to have a price tag of £94,000 and while that is high-end, it still makes the GTS 400 one of the best buys in the market today. Little known Farbio seems to making big impact indeed. – via Caradisiac

28 November
Special M3 Leather Edition by Zwickenpflug

If you own a BMW M3, then you are already moving around in one of the best street-legal sports car in the world. But if you do feel let down by its ‘not too classy’ interiors and wish to add that extra bit of oomph to your speedster, then Zwickenpflug have got the perfect tuning kit for your BMW M3. The special M3 Leather edition tuned up by the German firm, sports stylish all-leather interiors and custom Alcantra inserts on the door panels, steering wheel, dashboard and unique sport seats. They also tweaked the BMW engine under the hood with by adding an extra 25 hp for a total of 445 hp and removing the speed limiter. The revamped M3 hits a top speed of 202 mph and races around on the custom 19-inch BBS alloy wheels. – via 4wheelsnews

28 November
Jaguar XF-R: Sizzling in spy shots!

There is no doubt that the official release of the next generation Jaguar XF-R is sooner than later, but it seems that the XF-R right now is not the best kept secret in the auto world. The sizzling red hot car with vents on the hood, large bumper air intakes and quad exhaust has been snapped pretty extensively in spy shots with Jaguar having a problem keeping it under the mask. The XF-R follows the thread marks of the highly successful Jaguar SV8 XF and is slated to sport a 5.0 liter, direct-injection power plant supplying more that 500 hp. While the SV8 XF sports a 4.2 liter, 420 hp engine, the new XH-R could way beyond that while still keeping in line with the Jaguar class and royalty. – via WCF

25 November
Mercedes S-Class RS-design Kit by Carlsson

Carlsson just announced their RS-design kit for the Mercedes S-Class that will feature on the front part, four new fog lights, an integrated front apron and some front spoiler lips, a Carlsson grille that makes it look very sporty and specially made side skirt with stainless steel insertions onto the grille. In the back there’s a RS apron with a diffuser and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. The RS-design kit also features some beautiful light 21-inch alloys and four heat-insulated stainless steel double-walled tailpipes. Good for the entire S class range, we’re expecting a price to see how much we have to pay for these looks.

25 November
Mazda 3 Hatchback Revealed

We managed to got some pictures with the new Mazda 3 Hatchback that the company is going to release next week during the Bologna Motor Show. The five-door hatch is going to pack a 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine (Euro 5 diesel engine) under the hood, which comes in several tuned variations that will sport up to 182 hp. That’s not much news except for the pictures, but at least is a good thing that we’ll get to see it live next week. So what do you think? Is Mazda 3 Hatchback what you expected or what would you have changed? – via WCF


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