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New 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo (LP560-4)

Published on Mar 14th, 2008, 3 Comments

2008 lamborghini gallardo lp560 4 New 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo (LP560 4)

A few good improvements have been added to the beautiful Gallardo, now that they launched an update. It’s a new more efficient, all-aluminum engine, larger from 5.0L to 5.2L, that sports 560hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Sounds like a good add-on if we compare it to Ferrari 430 Scuderia which is missing 49 hp and 51 lb-ft of torque …

The 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (yes 560hp) uses an improved e-Gear sequential transmission that now takes 40 percent less time to shift gears, comes with changed front valances used for better cooling and changed rear that has a diffuser. Interior upgrades are not big, but they exist: a revised instrument panel, new headlamps and luggage area, and the claim of better driveability, stability, and handling.

new lamborghini gallardo lp560 4overhead New 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo (LP560 4)

via MotorTrend


Chris M

Sheesh, I would kill to drive one of these! What a stunning ride!

March 15, 2008 8:46 pm Reply

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October 29, 2008 3:29 pm Reply