12 March
Porsche Cayenne with diesel engine

Diesel Porsche Cayenne

Breaking news people. We’ve just heard from some of our sources that Porsche’s big SUV, the Cayenne may be testing diesel engines. A photographer managed to spy some interesting pictures of a Cayenne that was filled from the diesel pump, unlike the petrol that we’ve been used to. The next thing that tricks our creativity is that it had different exhaust pipes.

Here is what the guy said:

“I was just passing a petrol station in northern Sweden when I noticed four Porsche Cayennes standing there at a petrol station. There is nothing strange about this situation, but this time it was something that caught my eye. One of the Cayennes was driving off the diesel pump.

As all the cars left the petrol station I followed them for a while, and they stopped outside a restaurant. I noticed that one of the Cayenne’s exhaust pipes were quite different. Not the usual big twin pipes, but instead a single smaller pipe on each side, and that was the Cayenne driving off the diesel pump. With no signs inside the car I decided to wait for them to finish their dinner and listen to the engine as they turned on the engine and drove off. And as suspected, I was right, that was really a diesel powered Porsche - no doubt about that.”

It looks like Porsche is ready to give us the long waited diesel Cayenne sooner than we thought. What do you guys think?

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