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Who is the King of the Ring?

Published by on Dec 7th, 2007, 4 Comments


The Pagani Zonda F has held the top spot for a power lap on the track of the internationally famous BBC motoring show, Top Gear. Unfortunately it was toppled by the Koenigsegg CCX (with Top Gear spoiler) and the Zonda F had made its home at the number 2 spot for awhile. Many supercars have tried to beat these two but failed, with only the T1 Caparo succeeding and then only to be thrown off the record by Jeremy Clarkson as they have not provided a car with a road going adjustable suspension. So the Pagani continued to live in its number 2 spot.

Although very impressive, this has not stopped Pagani from improving. They have released a Zonda F Clubsport edition. Power is up from from the 443kW Zonda F to 502 kW for the F Clubsport. The company promises a 3.5 second sprint to 100 km/h, a top speed of over 345 km/h depending on the set up and it will be the queen in braking from 300 km/h to 0.

Strangely though when the word Nurburgring comes to mind, the natural tendacy is to think that the Bugatti Veyron as the production car king. Despite all the myths about lap times at the Norschleife it’s the Zonda F Clubsport that now holds the record for the fastest lap by any production super car, lapping the 21km ring in 7 minutes 27.82 seconds, beating the previous record holder, the Porsche Carrera GT. It seems raw top speed is no substitute for superior handling.

So if Top Gear gets hold of this model before the new Koensigsegg CCXR or the revised street legal T1 Caparo, there might be strong possibility that the Zonda F CS could regain the top spot even if its for a short while. After all it is “king of the ring”.


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Panel beaters

A car is like a woman you take care of it, it will take care of you love it, respect it, and ride it with pride

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