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Oldest Running Rolls Royce Sold on Auction for $7.2M

Published on Dec 7th, 2007, 1 Comment

Oldest Running Rolls Royce Sold on Auction for $7.2M

If you like old cars and are always looking for new deals then I have one that you probably missed. It’s about the oldest – still working – Rolls Royce that sold at auction in London at Bonhams’ Collectible Cars and Automobilia for a record amount of money 3,521,500 pounds or $7,275,000.

The two-seats open top old Rolls Royce that sports 10hp, is 103 years old (produced in 1904) and was maintained by Oliver Langton the same person that found it with his brother in a farm building at Seacroft near Leeds in 1950. I think he is the person that the new owner should thank for the glowing red leather and brass interior. The car was only shared by three people since 1905, so this and the fact that it still works was a good reason to sell that high.

I am not sure if I would pay $727,500 for each of those ten horses because I am sure I wouldn’t be able to go out in it while it rains, but man this would be really good to get some chicks if the weather is fine.

Source: Bonhams’


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