06 December
Who can receive car insurance discounts and why @ lv.com

LV.comIf you’re like me and do almost (don’t laugh guys :)) everything online then I am sure you searched, at least once, for car insurance quotes on the internet. The results may have been disappointing or great I can’t tell, but I am sure you will after I tell you more about LV.com.

LV.com or Liverpool Victoria, is one of the biggest insurance and financial services company in the United Kingdom. These guys made a promise to find you the best insurance quotes for your car and I think they manage to do it pretty well. A lot of insurers may not tell that you are entitled to receive discount car insurance just because they want to get the most off your pocket.

This is not going to happen with LV.com because over 50s car insurance is cheaper with them. The reasons are older people are much more attentive, don’t get as many speeding tickets as the young and drive a lot less miles.

Womens car insurance is another category that gets discounted rates. We all know men cause more accidents on the roads, than women so this is just one reason why they get it. As a verdict, even if you’re not over 50s or a woman I advise you to give it a go with LV.com and see if you can qualify for anything cheaper.

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4 Responses to “Who can receive car insurance discounts and why @ lv.com”

  1. Steve’s Auto Blog » Who can receive car insurance discounts and why @ lv.com Says:

    [...] Originally Syndicated via RSS from Car Blog | The automotive news blog - Car News [...]

  2. Carandhomeinsurance Says:

    you can get the discount if you talk for self when you get a insurance quotes tell them that other insurance companies have offerd you less so they will give you a discount that how we get it

  3. Blaine Says:

    Getting cheaper insurance was easy for me, I even did it myself, no broker needed. I phoned around a bit, compared a couple of places, and found the cheapest one to suit my needs. Doing it yourself is easy!

  4. Karen Walter Says:

    Wow!!! What a gr8 blog

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