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29 November
A new Audi R8, by the end of 2008

new Audi R8

With all these fires and crashes of Audi’s super car, the R8, it’s curious to know how interested would be those rich guys to buy the new one, which will be much more powerful. Evo Magazine got an interview with Audi and found out more about it. Apparently the biggest upgrade will be on the engine side, which is now a V10 that sports 520-bhp inspired from Audi’s RS4 V8 engine.

Sounds like a good idea but I’m sure if I would like to see a convertible before a more powerful new R8. Time will tell if they took the right path.

28 November
Koenigsegg's CCXR 1018 HP Special Edition

Koenigsegg CCXR

While details of Koenigsegg’s CCXR supercar were released in March, above is an official rendering of the final production version of the car recently released by the company.

Under the hood the CCXR will have a cast-aluminum V8 engine that will be able to run on biofuel which will cool the combustion chambers. Combine this with a higher octane rating and the enviro-friendly car has 1,018hp at 7,200rpm with peak torque of 1,060Nm at 6,100rpm. The 4.7L engine sports a four-valve double overhead cam design with a compression ratio of 8.2:1 and a sequential multipoint fuel injection system. Combined highway/city fuel consumption stands at 22L/100km. It accelerates from 0-100 km/h in about 2.9 seconds and the Swedish manufacturer is claiming top speeds of over 400 km/h.

The worlds fastest and most fuel efficient supercar can be yours for the price of EUR 1,575,000 plus taxes and fees.

Pictures of Koenigsegg’s CCXR were already circulating the net as of last spring when the car was in a crash but only a hint of the car’s look could be seen.

Koenigsegg Crash

[Source: TheCarsBlog]

28 November
New Spyder Inspired Porsche Boxster

Porsche RS60

In early December Porsche will launch a special edition Boxster that has been inspired by the 1960s Porsche Type 718 RS 60 Spyder. Limited to only 1,960 models worldwide the biggest change is the modified exhaust system that consists of a sports exhaust combined with a dual tailpipe that increased engine output to 303 bhp.

Offered in a GT silver metallic grey, the car comes accentuated with a red roof and natural leather interior in Carrera red, though the pictures make it look like a magenta leaning more towards hot pink than red. Thankfully, the car is also offered in dark grey leather with a black roof. The car sits on 19-inch wheel, which spacer plates have moved outwards, and its front end is a standard feature from Porsche’s SportDesign Package. Completing the sporty orientation is the Porsche Active Suspension Management system.

Porsche Spyder

Further features include a windscreen in a black finish, with the center console, headrests and rollbars are all finished in the same GT Silver Metallic finish as the car Porsche Spyder RS60body. Also finished in GT Silver are the instrument dials that don’t have the usual hood over the cluster but the large central rmp and 2 side gauges continue the sporty, racing style. Each model comes with door trim strips made of stainless steel and embossed with the “RS 60 Spyder” model designation.

Worldwide market launch will be March 2008 with a base price of 53,500 Euro (561,371 ZAR) in Germany and a retail price of 63,873 Euro (671,215 ZAR) (which includes 19% VAT and country specific requirements.)

[Source: WorldCarFans]

28 November
New Jaguar XF Rolls Out of Production Line

First Jaguar XF

Since Ford is trying to sell Jaguar and Land Rover, yesterday’s roll out of the first Jaguar XF model is being seen as a huge step for the company. The company needs to torque up interest and success of Jaguar if it hopes to find someone interested enough to buy out the company.

The XF that was first to come across the production line at the Castle Bromwich plant in the U.K will be donated to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust collection where it will be proudly displayed along side other memorable Jaguar models.

Jaguar XFAfter being the first to drive the new car, Jaguar founder Sir William Lyon’s grandson stated; “The new XF is a car that truly represents the core values which have lain at the heart of this great brand since its foundation in 1922 and I am thrilled to have been asked here today to witness this historic event from the best seat in the house!”

The Jaguar XF is a mid-size luxury car/sports sedan that will replace the S-Type in the Jaguar lineup. The production version debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and it is expected to reach market in March 2008.

[Source: AutoUnleashed]

27 November
Ferrari shoot out

Ferrari FXX.jpg

Most, if not all Ferraris are developed on the twists and turns of Fiorano. But its safe to assume that the most track focused production car that Ferrari has ever produced, the 430 Scuderia (although based on the F430, the F is dropped) has spent more than the average time being thrashed around Fiorano in its development.

Fiorano Circuit is the private track owned by Ferrari for development and testing purposes. It is located near the Italian town of Maranello.

It’s 3.1Km long. Average F1 lap speed is over 160 Km/h and top speed of only 290 Km/h. Because it’s a testing track, it has many different kinds of turns and corners, with corner diameters between 13 and 0.3 meters. All in all it has a lot of similarities with most European GP circuits. Fiorano has witnessed many great Ferrari drivers at work such as Lauda, Prost, Mansell, Alesi and of course Schumacher. Also you’ll find many tourists clawing on perimeter fences hoping to get a glimpse of a new model being tested. And most people say if you more than lucky to be in Maranello when the F1 team is testing, you are bound to hear the sound of the cars wailing at 19000rpm echoeing through the town from far on the Modenese wind.

However, like the Nurburgring, there is much myth and mystery surrounding lap times at the circuit. Some are official and others not as they are posted by various drivers or the very lucky few journalists like Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell that gets invited to the track, of which a video can be seen on a earlier post on CarBlog.

So coming back to the shoot out, here is a sample of the current times held at Fiorano:

F2004 (Schumacher, 2004) 0.55.999

F2007 (Massa, 2007) 0.58.360

FXX Evolution (2007) 1.14.000(est)

FXX (2005) 1.16.200

Enzo (2002) 1.25.000

430 Scuderia (2007) 1.25.000

360 Challenge Stradale(2003) 1.26.500

599 GTB Fiorano (2006) 1.26.500

F430 (2005) 1.27.000

So it can be seen the 430 Scuderia is as fast as the Enzo and the 360CS as fast as the 599 which is extremely impressive. But due to nature of the turns at Fiorano, the Enzo struggles to get to its limit. On any other track with longer straights the 430 Scuderia might be in the shadow of the Enzo and who knows the 360CS in the shadow of the 599, but never the less they up there with the best of them besides of course the old V10 F2004 of Schumacher (as apposed to the new F1 V8s ) which just seemed to have been in a league of its own with a whopping 55.9 seconds record that still stands today.

(Lap times sourced from Evo magazine)

27 November
Autostyle Newsletter Issue 106

Autostyle Newsletter Issue 106

Issue 106 is a bumper newsletter with an added row of new products.

Issue 106 is a bumper newsletter with an added row of new products.Last week a new car audio brand quietly snuck it’s way into our stores, Fire Audio. This week we feature their range of Roofmount screens. Calibra have also launched their Daytona Combo, this powerhouse system consists of a 2000watt amplifier, wiring kit & 2000watt subwoofer housed in a perspex faced bandpass box. Expect some serious bass with a bandpass box!

Several new Alloy Wheels have arrived including the illusive hyper polished TA21, aptly nicknamed the “Pot Wheel” by our crew, no guesses as to where they got that idea from.

Congratulations are in place for Warren Govender, the winner of our Sony CDX-GT270 Mp3 Front Loader competition, many thanks to all who participated (all 1653 entrants!) I assure it was no easy task choosing a winner.

For more new products, check out this weeks newsletter.

Ps. Keep an eye out for our exclusive Car Audio Promotion newsletter which will drop in email boxes on Wednesday Evening.

27 November
Aptera Typ-1: 3-Wheeled Car of the Near Future

Aptera Typ-1

Aptera’s Typ-1 may look like it it belongs in some futuristic movie but according to the company it will be available in at the end of 2008 for a price of less that $30,000 US (under 205K ZAR).

Aptera is claiming the all-electric model can achieve a range of 120 miles (193 kms) and the hybrid model can get 600 miles (965 kms) before running out of steam. The electric model can be recharged in a few hours when plugged into a 110-volt outlet and the hybrid is a combination of electric and gas-powered generator. The company has yet to release performance estimates so speed may be an issue.

The Typ-1 is novel in that it has 3 wheels and is therefore classified as a motorcycle instead of an automobile. Behind the two front seats is a child seat that, when removed, leaves enough space for 15 grocery bags or 2 golf bags.

The Aptera comes equipped with a front crumple zone, driver and passenger side airbags and steel and composite side and rollover protection. Inside boasts of a navigation system, CD/MP3/DVD player, XM satellite radio and a UBS port.

Aptera Typ-1

I think the hardest driver adjustment will be to the “Eyes Forward” vision system. It eliminated the need for side mirrors and instead relies on embedded cameras that display a 180-degree rear view.

Aptera is still raising money to manufacture the Typ-1 but claims to have 400 deposits. Available only in California, for the moment, the most amusing feature of this car may just be the plus and minus signs on the gas and brake pedals. Just in case you become confused as to which does what and since you will no longer be wasting time looking in side and rearview mirrors, you can always duck under the dash and look.

[Source: MotorTrend]

27 November
Alfa Romeo "Furiosa" Over Online Contest Name Winner


Last week had every car blog declaring the new name of the Alfa Romeo was going to be “Furiosa”. Well it seems like the democratic process of online voting didn’t suit the company and they have declared the results null and void. Rumor has it that the company was furious with the name due to the fact that it was too close to the name of the movie “The Fast and The Furious” and because “furiosa” means a woman who is angry and/or gay. Guess that’s not the image Alfa was looking to portray with their little Alfa Junior.

The online contest which was held in 6 countries; Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, France and Japan, had online voters choosing between: Agea, Enos, Everso, Fira, Furiosa, Milo, Mod, Nevo, Solea, Sparvo, Velvetta, and Ventura. We’re not sure why “furiosa” even made the short list if the company had no intention of using it. The Alfa Romeo contest site still has the international winner as “Furiosa” so maybe the rumors are just that, rumors.

The car itself is targeted at a younger market, 18 – 30 year olds, and intends to use smaller engines to shift down the average CO2 emissions that Alfa is known for. Built on the Fiat Grande Punto platform, the Alfa Junior will use the new generation of powerful T-Jet engines already available in Fiats. Alfa Junior will be the only 3-door model available.

So, for now, it seems we are back to calling it “Alfa Junior”. It is safe to assume that by the time it debuts in March at the Geneva show it will have its own non-democratic name that is 100% company approved.

27 November
Vauxhall's Revamped Zafira


Pictures of the new face lifted Zafira from Vauxhall are circulating the net. The compact MPV has been subjected to a raft of both interior and exterior changes with the intent of updating it to rival the Ford C-Max and Volkswagen Touareg.

The exterior updates include a new front end with chrome grille and chrome trim around the revamped headlights. The lower front grille has also been restyled. Vauxhall has revamped the fog lights and given it sporty side skirts which give it a distinctive look. The backend has new tail lights and a deeper rear bumper.

The inside changes give the center console black trim inserts to the Design, Elite and VXR model, a feature first seen on the Corsa. All Zafiras now come equipped with curtain airbags. The new Exclusiv version, which replaces the Club, comes standard equipped with air-conditioning, CD stereo and 16-inch standard wheels. The Breeze model adds tinted glass, leather steering wheel and a trip computer. Under the hood little change is expected.

The revamped versions are expected to hit showrooms in March and a price increase is unlikely with prices starting at £13,000 (182,500 ZAR).

23 November
Deathmatch: Lamborghini Reventon vs Panavia's Tornado Fighter Jet

Lamborghini Reventon vs Panavia's Tornado Fighter Jet

There seems to be a trend to see a super car and a fighter jet battle for supremacy. The list was opened by TopGear’s Bugatti Veyron and the Eurofighter Typhoon fight, with the last one winning. We have another one now, Lamborghini Reventon vs Panavia Tornado jet-fighter and as you can see there are some design similarities between the two.

On Ghedi’s Airport runway (3 km long) in Italy, it was fun to see the show, because the Reventon was just a few meters away from winning (when the Tornado went airborne) after a good 3.4 second start to the 100km/h mark and a top speed of 340km/h.

The Reventon enforced its performances so I guess this is what you get if you buy a $1,000,000 supercar.

via 4WheelsBlog


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