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30 October
Test driving the new Subaru WRX Sti


I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited by Subaru to test drive the new Subaru WRX STI tomorrow in Durban, KZN. Subaru motor group are flying me out from Cape Town to Durbs for the day. I will be joined by car journalists from other motor publications for the launch of the new car in South Africa. I should be back tomorrow evening (Wednesday) and will publish my review then! For now induldge in some of these photos of the scoobie at the Toyto auto show.



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29 October
Zoopedup Wheel day at Tiger Wheel and Tyre

benefits_grafik.jpgTSW and Yokohama, will be hosting a wheel day for Zoopedup. something thats Neva been done before, they’ll be doing Free Alignment checks, Free nitrogen and balancing checks and Giving Free Aliment and balancing away to Randomly Selected cars on the day!

Yokohama and TSW Will be giving away prizes and a SET of 17″ Rims and Tyres will be Given away! Yes 17′s! Guys Please Bring your friends and family and have a look at what this Fantastic Branch has to offer everyone!

Zoopedup Combo specials and Zoopedup Special Deals Will be running for Saturday! So if you need new tyres or have been saving up for a set of rims Come down to TWT on Saturday and get a Price to fit the tyres/rims!

Come view their NEW Range of alloys thats just arrived!

Saturday, November 3, 2007
9:30am – 1:30pm
Tiger Wheel and Tyre
33 Bree Street
Cape town

Facebook event group here

29 October
Ferrari FXX Evoluzione


Ferrari unveiled the new version of the FXX during this past weekend’s Ferrari World Finals at its Mugello race track in Italy. The FXX is not homologated for road use and there are no plans to compete with it either. In fact, the FXX prototype is designed exclusively for track driving as part of a specific R&D programme agreed with a selected group of just over 20 clients involving 14 group test sessions and 14 private ones in the last two years. Thanks to readings taken over the 16,500 kilometres of tests carried out in 2006 and the 18,500 kilometres covered in 2007, the modifications made to the car have focused on honing its aerodynamics, running gear and electronics. Seven-times Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher also joined the ranks of the client test drivers and gave the programme the benefit of his vast experience on several occasions.


The FXX evolution package includes participation in a series of track events that Ferrari is organising at international circuits for 2008/2009. Six events are planned for each year (two in North America, two in Europe and two in Asia). In addition to these, the FXXs will also be participating, as per tradition, in the prestigious end-of-season Ferrari World Finals.

As happened in 2006/2007, the cars will be backed up at each event by a 15-member official team made up of engineers, electronics experts and mechanics capable of providing complete assistance to clients. Needless to say, the latter will still be able to organise their own private individual track sessions in their car as well.


29 October
Singapore night race joins 2008 F1 Calendar


The FIA has confirmed the 2008 Formula One calendar, including the world championship’s first night race at the new Singapore track.

The schedule issued following today’s World Motor Sport Council matched the provisional calendar released earlier this year, but with Canada, Singapore and Valencia all confirmed, and Singapore specified as the first floodlit evening Grand Prix.

The Montreal race had remained provisional on the previous schedule, while the new tracks in Singapore and Valencia (which will hold the European Grand Prix) were both subject to circuit approval.

Although it had always been anticipated that the Singapore GP would be run at night, the FIA wanted to be certain that it could be achieved safely before providing official confirmation.

25 October
New Nissan GT-R


Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, today announced the launch of the new model – GT-R. it is peoclaimed as “an ultimate supercar enjoyable to anyone, anywhere, at anytime”. The car will be available mainly through Nissan High Performance Centers.
New GT-R embodies the new understanding and appreciation of natural forces of gravity, inertia and aerodynamics. The car transforms these forces into an absolutely new design, maximal tire grip and airflow.

To increase the interaction between a driver and a vehicle a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) never seen before in the marketplace was designed and became an integral property of a new model. The main principles of a new GT-R are speed and efficiency, high-output with environmental mindfulness and high performance and safety.


So Nissan has designed a completely new model offering advanced high performance for secure and enjoyable driving free of climatic, road condition or driving technique limitations. The car suits to drive on snow, rain or urban areas owing to its advanced technology and driving dynamics.
The perfect characteristics of a new car were reached also through specialized production process. The components are assembled with a special high-precision process, which includes a series of vibration tests. Engines and transmissions are assembled in a “clean room” environment and after its completion every car of the present series undergoes several comprehensive tests to ensure the proper operation of all vehicle components.

The owners of a new GT-R will be offered total support for the first three years of ownership including measurement and adjustment of the engine, transmission and wheel alignment after the first 1000 km.


More images after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

24 October
Honda S2000 Type S – Tokyo auto show


Honda has revealed the look of its Japan-spec S2000 Type S ahead of the car’s local launch at tomorrow’s Tokyo Motor Show. The car is essentially the same package as the U.S. delivered S2000 CR but differs by the inclusion of the standard folding roof instead of the aluminum hardtop as well as a new rear wing diffuser.

The factory-tuned roadster also features firmer suspension, increased body and chassis rigidity, overall weight reduction plus a unique aerodynamic package. The car is described by its developers as the “closest thing you can get to a Honda-built racecar with license plate holders and a horn,” signifying the desire of its target market of weekend club racers.

The Japanese version comes with the same high-revving four cylinder engine as U.S. spec models, including an identical 237hp and 220Nm of torque output. Complimenting the engine’s output characteristics is a compact, longitudinally-mounted, close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox and a torque-sensing limited slip differential.

24 October
Ferrari’s F430 Scuderia video

Ferrari’s F430 Scuderia is the type of car most of us can only dream about driving but for the lucky guys at Fifth Gear getting behind the wheel of the latest Ferrari supercar is just another day at the office. Find out if the 510hp Scuderia is quicker than the Enzo flagship around Ferrari’s test track in this latest video review.

22 October
Kimi Raikkonen wins championship


Kimi Raikkonen has become the 2007 Formula One World Champion. In a hectic race where each of the top three could have won it, it was Raikkonen who led his team mate over the finish line to win his first Brazilian race and his first world champion. After so many close attempts, Kimi is a worthy champion, and after his convincing display today around Autodromo Carlos Pace, McLaren will be kicking themselves for letting it slip away. From the first lap, it looked as though Ferrari would dominate, but what happened over the course of the Grand Prix wasn’t what was expected. Read the rest of this entry »

20 October
Honda CR-Z Concept


Honda’s Tokyo Show offerings include a compact-coupe concept which paves the way for a successor to the highly successful CR-X coupe which went out of production in 1997. The Compact Renaissance Zero, or simply CR-Z, should be considered as Honda’s second attempt to revive the CR-X concept, following the poorly received Remix prototype that premiered at last year’s L.A. Show. While the CR-Z is definitely much better looking than the Remix concept, we can’t say that we’re exactly thrilled with its appearance and especially with the rear end which looks, well, just hideous. In the teaser press release, Honda says that the CR-Z is equipped with a gas-electric hybrid system which achieves both clean performance and a high level of torque.




20 October
Subaru WRX STI Powered ATV!


A quad-bike with a turbocharged Subaru Impreza WRX STi engine? We’ve seen some crazy stuff here at Car Blog but this “thing” is totally nuts and we want one ASAP! The hand made ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) was built by a Ken Brough, a New-Zealander who describes himself as “a 50-year-old with petrol in my veins”.

The insane quad-bike, which Ken calls the STiATV, is fitted with a 90′s Subaru Impreza WRX Sti engine and a 5-speed gearbox using a clutch assembly from a 1.8-litre Leone. We don’t have any acceleration or horsepower figures but Ken supports that the STiATV weighs a mere 530 kg (1,168 pounds) so performance is definitely not a problem. What may create a few problems is the weight distribution of the AWD quad as it’s split 70/30 between the front and rear end. However, that’s something we could live with. What’s really bad is that, despite his efforts, Ken couldn’t get the STiATV approved for road use in New Zealand.




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