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Audi RS5 – Already?

Published on May 14th, 2007, No Comments

audi rs5

Audi is busy prepping three new versions of its new A5 coupe – headlined by this blistering 450bhp RS5 that arrives early next year to take on its new BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 rivals. Like all R models, the topdog A5 has been fully developed by Quattro, Audi’s in-house go-fast engineering team.

As our impressions show, the RS5 will get the full Quattro treatment. The glorious high-revving 4.2-litre V8 that powers the RS4 gets plumbed into the RS5’s nose, complete with two small and highly responsive turbochargers that will take peak power up to the 450bhp. That’s not a great deal more than the S5’s 354bhp, but the RS5 searing pace will come from its phenomenal blower-enhanced torque – expect at least 500lb ft of twist action to plateau across the rev range.

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jakie chan sing

I’m a Huge BMW Fan and this is why i have a MCS.. when looking at used 3series after 2000 and under 35k i realized i couldnt get anything i wanted in a BMW and was told that if wanted outragous handeling (which i did) that i should walk 50ft down the hall into the Mini showroom and take a good look at “the BMW Mini) .. just hearing the words BMW Mini made me like it more. anyway two weeks later i was driving a little 05, Black and white CooperS and less than 2 months after that it had a Dinan Stage 3 suspention air intake/exhaust – http://www.speedyperformanceparts.com/bestop_p.html – and software. i must say for under 30k i have no idea what compairs to my car and i honestly dont think i couldve driven any car on “the Tale of the Dragon” with as much confidence and comfort as i did for 4 days straight on the “Mini’s on the Dragon” rally… Anyway… M3 Rocks … M-Coupe is much cooler, but the mini coop IS THE SHIT ! and i pay less than 300 a month :)

May 18, 2007 7:43 am Reply


Jakie Chan Sing, after reading over your response several times, I cannot help but ask – WHAT DOES YOUR RESPONSE HAVE TO DO WITH THE ARTICLE?

How in the world does a BMW Mini come up in a conversation relating to an Audi A5/S5/ or purported RS5?

May 20, 2007 8:00 pm Reply

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