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28 February
German Muscle Monster

The C55 AMG is one monster of a machine. Its potent V8 delivers great amounts of power through an automatic gearbox and promises to delight with performance and soundtrack. The car is great for spirited driving. But what happens if the standard 270kw is not enough to satisfy someone? The answer is to add more power obviously. However a car with the status of a C55 should be modified cautiously. If you go too far then you have every boy racer yapping at your heels at every robot but you still want your C55 to stand out from the standard cars. Kleeman hails from Denmark and caters for Mercedes-Benz with top of the range custom parts.

This C55 was handed to a local tuner but sadly the engine was damaged in the process. A Kleeman engineer was flown out from Denmark to ensure the upgrade was done properly. On went an Autorotor Lysholm supercharger with 0.5 bar boost, a Kleemann exhaust system and an upgraded ECU. To cope with the massive increase in power, a gearbox unit from the SL65 was thrown in. The result is a Euro muscle monster with just over 300kw of power at the wheels and capable of hitting 100km/h in under 4 seconds. On the outside the car now features anthracite alloy wheels to match the SL65 AMG rims. A massive HOP Racing rear spoiler was added and it really suits the persona of the car. The sound of the V8 is incredible and the car will happily do burnouts all day long. The cost of the modification was R280 000 after the R617 000 price of the C55.

27 February
Raven's Zoopedup Corsa

Veedubz and Opels have always been the popular car of choice amongst local modifiers. They are relatively inexpensive and aftermarket parts are available freely, In fact theres to many to choose from. The end result is your cabbie looking like every second Joe on the street. Every now and then you see a car unique styled and in this case, Michael, the owner of a grenada red 1400 corsa, did just that. I first spotted the car at a team meeting end last year.

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24 February
How does NOS increase performance?

Ever wondered how Nitrous Oxide increases and engines performance? Then this is for you. There is a common misconception that Nitrous oxide is flammable. How ever, this is how it works.
Sodium chlorate acts as a way to store oxygen. You release the oxygen in sodium chlorate by heating it. It turns out that nitrous oxide (N20) works exactly the same way. When you heat nitrous oxide to about 300 C, it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. So the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine means that more oxygen is available during combustion. Because you have more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power. Nitrous oxide is one of the simplest ways to provide a significant power boost to any petrol engine.

Nitrous oxide has another effect that improves performance even more. When it vaporizes, nitrous oxide provides a significant cooling effect on the intake air. When you reduce the intake air temperature, you increase the air’s density, and this provides even more oxygen inside the cylinder.

The only problem with nitrous oxide is that it is fairly bulky, and the engine needs a lot of it. Like any gas, it takes up a fair amount of space even when compressed into a liquid. A 5-liter engine running at 4,000 rotations per minute (rpm) consumes about 10,000 liters of air every minute (compared to about 0.2 liters of petrol), so it would take a tremendous amount of nitrous oxide to run a car continuously. Therefore, a car normally carries only a few minutes of nitrous oxide, and the driver uses it very selectively by pushing a button.

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21 February
R32 Model Cars now available!

Ask any VW enthusiast, any real VW enthusiast. Finding VW scale model cars is an exercise in futility. Sure theres the stock standard stuff you see in hobbyshops. We’v waited long and hard for the boys at Maisto to release their R32 Model Car.

Accurately scaled at 1:24, available in the iconic jazz blue or diamond black. These slick replicas all sport chrome multi-spoke alloys, custom engine detail, bucket seats and a trunk chock-full of ICE, not bad for a R160.

Get them now as stocks are limited and who knows when the next production run will happen! Check it out at the Autostyle Online Store

20 February
Zoopedup's Ingrid and her 16v Clio


Team is one of the biggest modified car clubs in South Africa, the club’s members come from all races and places creating quite a mix of auto enthusiats at their events and gatherings. One of the reasons the Zoopedup car club has become famous in motorsport circles around the country is that it’s not only guys modifying their cars but girls to!! Ingrid Starke is one such example. Terrorizing the guys on the tarmac at Killarney drag nights or drifting red m3’s around the skidpan, this is all in a days work for Zoopedup’s Ingrid. Her pride and joy is a 1.6L 16V Renault Clio modified in all departments! The car sports a full body kit, neat sound install and a custom interior but we will get more into that a little later on. The reno is her second project car after having dabbled with Volkswagen for starters and then later moving onto the Clio.

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19 February
Independent racing team prepare for debut in Durban with A1 GP

After much burning of midnight oil, Peter Lindenberg, who is well known in KZN for his Formula 1 Powerboat achievements, will be entering a three car privateer team into the challenging world of production car racing in 2007. Their first event will be the production car curtain-raiser to the A1 Grand Prix in Durban this weekend. Named the ‘Hotontar’ team, Lindenberg Racing will be fielding three new spec Subaru WRX Sti’s in class A, challenging the big factory teams as an independent team entry. Medal Paints are the main sponsor of the only lady in the Production Car National Championships, Clare Vale, who is a former Shelby Can Am driver. Racing his magnificently turned out red ‘Scoobie’, Peter (Ferodo / Champion / Ram) will also be joined by former Silver Cup driver Dawie Olivier (Bosal / Ram) in the third driver’s seat.

Perry Chetty, Medal Paint’s Marketing & Sales Director, who lives in Westville, joins Bosal, Ferodo, Ram, Subaru and Champion Spark Plugs and the major backers to the team.

Lindenberg Racing have always done things their own way and the Hotontar team is no exception; the cars’ eye-catching liveries have a very different look, and the unique pit setups which will allow spectators far more interaction with the team will bring some welcome changes to the production car series.

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16 February
National Pro Tour makes debut this Sunday

The newly launched Pro Tour National Championships will see drivers trading paint and shredding tyres at their debut race this Sunday 18 February around WesBank Raceway’s top class 2,6km circuit.

Some of SA’s premier national and regional categories have joined together for the Pro Tour series, to provide drivers and spectators with a day of really close paced racing.

The National categories will be represented by the Formula Ford Zetecs, Hollard Shelby Can Am’s and Formula Vee’s. The premium regional categories will include the Altech Porsche 924 and Unlimited classes, Goldwagen VW Challenge (which is boasting a field of 60 plus cars!) as well as the Lotus challenge support class and the Sports Racing Association. Entertainment will include a drifting display on the esses.

Admission tickets will be available at the gate on Sunday at a cost of R40 per adult and R20 per child, Saturdays practice will be free entry. Racing starts at 10am until 6pm. The pits are open for spectators to mingle with the drivers and the great WesBank facilities with well situated grandstands will allow for unparalleled viewing of the racing.

WesBank Raceway is situated off the N3 on Rand Airport Road, Germiston. For further information please call (011) 842-8000 or visit

13 February
Don't be rude… Press a button!

DrivemocionI have to admit I suffer from increadible road rage. It probably has something to do with the fact I pee petrol when I wake up.Unfortunatly my bad road-rage means Im forever sticking my fingers up at people who cut me off or flash me cos I over take them at twice the speed limit (Disclaimer: catch me if you can coppers…)

Well, now there is a gadget that can stop you sticking your hand out the window at 160kph. Its called a Drivemocion from au-my. This little sign is placed in the rear window and using a control in the front you can display pre-set icons/words to drivers behind you. Everything from a smiley face to an angry face and even the words ‘thanks’ and ‘idiot’.

Check out the Drivemocion website for more information.


Goosesoup Media/UBERfury Drift Team

12 February
Goose Goes Aussie (Reviewing the Opel/Vauxhall/Holden Monaro)

Vauxhall MonaroFor some time now Charl has been nagging me to put something on the car blog. I’ve said yes for sure and the all time question has been which car will I be ranting about? Would it be my all time favourite car the Nissan Skyline (R33 not that crap R34)… or about the EVO IX? I had a grey import for a short term and it was a great car. Well sorry to shock you all, but as your in-house drift god I have an even better choice.

Some of you may be shocked to hear its not even a Japanese Car. Its Australian.

Introducing the Monaro (from Opel (in South Africa), Vauxhall (in the UK) and Holden (in Australia).

Vauxhall ummed and arghhed over its release here in the UK, mainly due to the really crap response UK buyers gave other V8 engine imports (Corvette for example), however it finally made it here and like a geek in nightclub who spots a sexy lady, I have always had my eye on it but never made a move towards it. Until Now.

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12 February
Comic Jock launches!

Comic Jock
The editors here at Car Blog are proud to announce the launch of our sister blog,!

Funny pics, Videos, Geek humor, Job laughs, Comics and Illustrations posted daily! If you feel like a laugh each day make sure to log onto! Post comments and tell us what you think!


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