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30 January
French journalist kills himself with test drive

opel gt

It could have been any of us hacks, behind the wheel of an unfamiliar car on a picturesque but potentially treacherous road, possibly poking at the limits of adhesion so we might return a colorful review that conveys the experience poignantly. But it was French automotive journalist Michel Barelli who was killed this past weekend when the 2007 Opel GT he was driving went out of control on a mountain road and plummeted down an embankment, the AP reports. Barelli, a writer for the French daily newspaper Nice-Matin, was reportedly on a press drive for the car, the European version of the Saturn Sky, when the accident occurred, approximately 40 miles east of San Diego. Condolences from all Jalopniks, everywhere. – Mike Spinelli

[Via: Contra Costa Times]

30 January
Richard Hammond jet car crash video released!

The BBC has aired footage of U.K. Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond’s famous jet car crash, which took place in September. Hammond’s crashed the dragster at 288 mph while filming for the popular automotive show. In late September, Hammond ‘begged’ the BBC to air his accident. He even offered to share his commentary on the accident from his hospital bed. In late October, the BBC finally agreed to show the footage. It aired on Top Gear Sunday evening.

30 January car club parkinglot cruise

On Wednesday night, 31st Jan, the Zoopedup car club will be hosting an unofficial meet at the Green Point stadium McDonalds to chill out, meet n’ greet and even grab a chow.

If your in Cape Town Click Here UK Style Cruise..

Anyone from any car club is welcome.

You will be able to get your hands on some decals, click for more info.

28 January
Burn out video

This just proves that boys will be boys regardless of where they live or what they drive. Keep your eyes peeled for the bus in the first display of smoky goodness.

28 January
The next time you tumble off your quad bike…

Autostyle Quad Gear

Remember this post and don’t say you never knew.

Quad Protective Gear.

Up here in Joburg’s wild wild West Rand we all love spending our sunday mornings quad biking in the minedumps. From 6am trailers are being towed to and from various locations with young and old getting dirty.
As fun as all that its, its not fun having an arm put in a cast or getting a dozen stitches on your elbow.

Autostyle Motorsport now stocks an exclusive and affordable range of Quad gear, the globes start from R100 for a regular suede, lycra & rubber finish to R150 for the same finish but with added carbon fibre knuckle protector. Lastly the upper bodysuit is a must have and at R595 is an absolute bargain. Specially placed plastic cups are there to prevent dislocated joints and padded chest & arm areas let you land on anything you can think of. The back area has a huge plastic caterpiller like plastic arch which our suppliers say is a Godsend if you fall on your back.

Check them & shop them online over at Autostyle

27 January
TopGear & Clarkson DVD's

Gearing up for the upcoming MPH07 show in February, we’v managed to get hold of some classic must-have Topgear & Jeremy Clarkson DVD’s.

For those not in the know: Topgear is the UK’s and probably the worlds most entertaining & informative motoring television show. Top Gear is presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, and features The Stig, an anonymous test driver. It is provocative, humorous and light-hearted in tone. BBC Produced and winning numerous Emmy & BAFTA Awards. Check out Jeremy Clarksons weekly car reviews & editorials on Times Online.

These DVD’s showcase various highlights from past episodes as well as individually produced dvd shows.
At R90 a pop, this has got to be a must have for all DVD collections, click here to view the titles

23 January
Dr Z unveils Mercedes C-Class


Looking like a proud Pappa, Dr Zee released the new Mercedes C-Class sedan to the world. The replacement to Mercedes biggest seller has been completely redesigned and is being offered in 2 visual formats, the more traditional version and a more sporting face.

Stuttgart — An impressive combination of ride comfort and agility is the hallmark of the new C-Class, which celebrated its world premiere today in Stuttgart. In front of some 600 international journalists from over 30 countries, Mercedes-Benz presented the remake of its biggest-selling model series, which sets a new benchmark with its vigorously elegant styling, state-of-the-art safety technology and versatile product concept.

“With the new C-Class, we are yet again raising the bar in this important segment of the market – and that’s true right across the board, especially in terms of safety, comfort and agility,” declared Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of DaimlerChrysler AG and head of the Mercedes Car Group, at the world pre-miere, which was held in the Mercedes-Benz World in Stuttgart. “With its unique balance of driving characteristics, the fourth C-Class generation em-bodies a new driving culture in the compact premium car segment. We are thus offering our customers the most versatile and majestic C-Class of all time – and, for the first time, in two attractive outfits.”
First Mercedes saloon with two different faces

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23 January
Get ready for VDub Magazine

The boys & girls at Speed & Sound Magazine have been ultra secretive about their latest project, today finally I’m allowed to blow the whistle on South Africa’s latest aftermarket tuning magazine.

VDubs Magazine – squarely aimed at VW owners and the brands in the VW stable. Think Volkswagen, Audi & Seat. Launching at the end of February 2007 with R19.99 pricetag, this publication is sure to be a hit in South Africa.

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19 January
Into 400km/h and beyond!

What happens when three German tuning studios like Jurgen Alzen Motorsport, RS Tuning and H&R join their efforts on achieving their ultimate goal in a cooperative project called Mission 400 Plus”? The answer is the fastest street legal sports car with a top speed of over 400 km/h, which will be shown to the public in the form of a prototype at the upcoming Essen Motor Show.

This new speed record and the potential Bugatti Veyron killer is based on a stock Porsche 911 (997) Turbo that was heavily modified by those three companies mentioned earlier. Jurgen Alzen Motorsport was up to the task of creating this speed demons bodykit and interior, RS Tuning juiced up the engine with some serious modifications, while experts from H&R did what they do best and that was creating and tuning sports the car suspensions.

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19 January
An introduction; bragging rights…

So Charl signed me up as a guest blogger for, over time I will keep you updated with various new product reviews, company news, industry insider info & much more.

Anyone who knows me, knows is my baby which I’v nurtured since 2000.
What started as a basic online company profile soon became our product catalogue. Between 2000 and 2004 there has been several design changes but all sported the same 100+page html backend. Not the most efficient or standardised method but hey, it got the job done.

In June 2005, we launched a full blown online ecommerce store complete with door to door delivery, and in mid 2006 I gave this a slick new facelift.

Today, the stats read:
96 000 monthly visits
1.6 million monthly page impressions
12800 registered shoppers
27540 e-newsletter subscribers
Google Ranking of 5 and counting.

Fitting that we receive the award for 2006 Best Automotive Website, beating the likes of Autotrader, McArthy and more.

Now thats how we start the new year!

Check out the rest of the winners at




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