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20 December
Volvo rocks SEMA


Shortly after releasing info about the new C30, Volvo showed some artists drawings of the concepts slated to appear at the 2006 SEMA show. Those 3 drawings showed some creative thinking and the potential for some serious performance. The reality seems to live up to those drawings. Volvo has jsut released a whole host of pics of all 3 beasts. Interestingly, the IPD model (which I expected to be the most real) is the most radical, sporting NOS bottles, tuner sized speaker bank and gullwing doors. The Evolve machine is most definately this most intriguing to me now that I’ve seen the pics. This yellow monster looks ready to hit the track and you can bet that we’ll see it in action in some series next year. I think this is a clear indication of the direction Volvo is planning to take with the C30.

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20 December
Ayrton Sena and HONDA NSX in SUZUKA circuit

I just came across this great in car footage of Ayrton Senna lapping in an NSX for the benefit of some Japanese journos. There are a couple of things that struck me as being pretty cool. Firstly, it’s nice to see that even a World Champion can get a little loose when trying to hustle an underpowered supercar. Secondly, the heel and toe action while wearing Weejuns is a great lesson in casual greatness. Don’t try this at home kids, your feet will slip of the pedals when you least expect it!

[Via: Amazingcars]

20 December
Free world of cars pdf download

World of Cars is the worlds largest printed car directory with some 1500 makes and 4000 models in each issue, with a lot of info on international kit- & tuning-companies. It’s been published in Poland since 1991, and this years’ is the second english edition of the catalogue.

I think they’re limiting the time the downlod is available until christmas. (Although they obviously have no control over how the file spreads. It’s up on torrent sites, for example)

Catalogue homepage:
(the pdf download is under “Happy hours! Free pdf“)

Download it now 60mb

16 December
SPY – 2009 Porsche Panamera caught testing


Flush with cash from strong sales of its Cayenne SUV, Porsche is looking to expand beyond its sports car roots yet again with an all-new sedan. Revealed here in our exclusive spy video, this 2009 Porsche Panamera prototype was caught while undergoing early development tests prior to its launch in mid-2009.

It may be covered in heavy camouflage, but this prototype does give some hints to the overall shape of this front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sedan. Porsche is already calling the Panamera a four-door coupe much like Mercedes-Benz does with its sleek CLS sedan. This should assure a low, sloping roof for the Panamera and somewhat limited rear-seat passenger room compared to sedans of similar size.

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16 December
3 Series excellence, continued


Normally, coupes are exercises in vanity: all fluff and no substance. Ego-trumping sensibility. Liberace bitch-slapping Alan Greenspan. No one knows this better than BMW, which has been in the 3 Series game since Gerald Ford was cracking his knuckles in the Oval Office. It’s getting pretty good at the game, as evidenced by the outstanding latest version of the 3 Series, which debuted as a 2006 model in “E90″ sedan form only. As in previous generations, the coupe version is released just when the panting over the sedan has subsided.

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16 December
Select wisely. There's no turning back


What did people do before there were onboard electronic navigation systems? Decades ago, there was a very simple tool you could use to chart your course from one place to another: a paper map. Of course, not everybody could fold one the same way twice.

Today, state-of-the-art onboard electronic navigation systems — whether a portable navigation device (PND) made by any of a wide range of brands, including Garmin, Pioneer, Sony, TomTom and more, or a built-in navigation system for your new car — can guide you with spoken directions and detailed maps, and there’s no need to fumble with paper as you hurtle down the highway.

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14 December
One last ride in an old friend, the Evo IX


This 2007 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR is like the ultimate PlayStation2, the final tune-up of a now familiar gaming platform. Even as the line already begins to form for the Evo X as if it were PlayStation3 (though we don’t expect Mitsubishi to even show us this all-new car until the Tokyo Motor Show next fall), the 2007 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR has been given a few last tweaks from the hands of the Zen masters at Mitsubishi’s Okazaki proving grounds near Nagoya, Japan.

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13 December
A funky Volvo for the young and young at heart

If you’re under 40, chances are you haven’t ever craved a Volvo. Well, be prepared to crave. With the 2008 Volvo C30, Volvos will no longer only be bought by those who value practicality, safety and understated versatility.

Volvo’s marketing boffins are claiming the C30 is a sport coupe that will appeal to couples aged 25-35 who are yet to breed, or the over-50s whose children have fled the nest. Moreover, they reckon that 75 percent of customers will be new to the Volvo brand. This Volvo seeks to steer trendy, affluent urbanites away from Audi TTs, Mini Coopers and Volkswagen GTIs, and it’s priced to do so, starting around $23,000 (R160 000).

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13 December
Gold plated Hummer

Gold Plated Hummer

We have seen it all…I mean, the ultra-blingy roadsters, be it, the diamond-covered Mercedes, all-chrome BMW and the gold plated Porsche. But, if you are still waiting for few more, then your wish is granted! Bucharest Luxury Show 2006 showcased gold plated cars from the RealGold company. The company apparently customizes your car as per your needs, so you can pimp your ride, just the way you want!

via Spluch

12 December
Zoopedup webmail online

logo zmail

Our sister website,, is proud to announce the launch of Zoopedup webmail. The service came out of beta quietly a few weeks back and is now open to public registration.

You get 20 mb inbox space which is generally enough, no advertisements and a very lean interface. plans to implement many features into the webmail interface like instant chat with other ZMAIL users.. can you say ZChat!!!

More on this project soon. They are busy ‘skinning’ the inbox.

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